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Youmeo is a social networking website that in addition to standard social networking features (such as the ability to communicate with other members, upload media, etc.) also allows its users to import data from other popular community-based websites such as Facebook, Flickr and Twitter[1].

Youmeo was originally founded in April 2005 under the name pplparty by then 15 year-old young entrepreneur Calum Brannan. Currently the website's offices are based in Coventry, United Kingdom [2]

Since it's inception, the site now claims a userbase of over 400,000 and aims to expand that to 1,000,000 by the end of 2008.[3]

The website features a number of USPs:

- Ability to group friends and show different friends different profiles - Ability to import photos from different social destinations - Update multiple profiles at once - Widescreen youtube player - Connect to brands

[edit] Press Attention

Because of the sites aim to be the biggest social network in the United Kingdom (currently Bebo) and the young age that its founder started the website, it has gained notable attention from a variety of well-known websites and press outlets such as The Guardian[4], Financial Times[5] and The Sunday Times[6].

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