Why Its Time To Sell Facebook

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Why it’s Time for Facebook to Sell
July 24, 2008 — by Don Reisinger — — 27 Comments

When major companies emerge in the technology industry, there’s no indication of what may come of them. Will they go the way of Google and become an online powerhouse? Or will they go the way of countless other online properties that get sold off to the highest bidder? Either way, it doesn’t matter: in the end, somebody makes it big.

But when it comes to Facebook, not everything is so clear-cut. The company is huge, sure, but it’s also huge in a sector that’s dictated by fickle users that would gladly move to the next bigger, better, cooler thing at the drop of a hat. That said, it’s also a huge company that should enjoy around $350 million in revenue this year and has a (foolhardy) valuation of about $15 billion, according to Microsoft’s estimates.

On top of that, Facebook is also the world’s most popular social network even though MySpace still leads the US market, and as more users jump on-board each day, it’s becoming an increasingly valuable property.

But now, it’s time for Zuckerberg and the rest of his cronies to forego his faulty hope of an IPO and sell Facebook to the highest bidder.

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