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Integrate Social Media Into Your Marketing &
PR Strategies

Discover how you can incorporate social media into your marketing & public relations program with Vocus' On-Demand PR Software. Sign up for a free demo today!

Social media is the new "word-of-mouth" today. With the evolution of social media outlets such as wikis, blogs, podcasts, and social networking sites, you gain the ability to reach your target audience in new and engaging ways which help you achieve your marketing goals. Social media can attract and hold the attention of vast demographics who have grown numb to more traditional forms of marketing and advertising. It also has a tremendous viral marketing capacity to reach wide audiences in just a short amount of time and sustain visibility on the Internet. Vocus' On-Demand PR Software can help you reach your social media goals and create the buzz you desire for your company or product.

Vocus can optimize your social media strategy through:

  • News Monitoring and Analysis - Receive news in a matter of minutes and act on potential leads.
    • Social Media Outreach - Target your audience and increase your retention rates.
    • Distribution - Use Vocus' PRWeb press releases to embed social media content, comments, Trackbacks, and links to media sharing sites like Digg.



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