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The following is a list of social networks on the topic of travel.

Travel & Locals

  • - Amicoz is slightly different from conventional social networking sites; it doesn’t have some of the common features found on socnets. It is dedicated to assist users in sharing their travel experiences, nothing more, nothing less.
  • Trip Advisor -
  • Citizenbay - Citizenbay is a user community for discovering local information.
  • CityTherapy - CityTherapy is an easy way to find and share places of interest (restaurant, bars) in Europe.
  • CouchSurfing - A global travel network connecting travelers with local communities.
  • - A fun and an interactive way to connect with the folks from your neighborhood online.
  • - A fun way to interact with people locally.
  • InsideTrip -
  • iloho - An online travel community with similarity to social bookmarking services like digg.
  • MatchActivity - A site connecting people on the basis of their activities. Users can find things to do and join people in their area.
  • Matador - A travel based social network with an integrated blogging service.
  • - is a place for people who want to share their travel experiences through photos, videos and blogging with others.
  • OurFaves - OurFaves is a community of urban savvy folks who enjoy the Toronto city and find out cool places to hang out at.
  • - A nice way to explore local communities to keep track with neighborhood news.
  • Rummble - Rummble enables users to discover as well as share places of interest in your neighborhood.
  • TravBuddy - TravBuddy is a cool site for sharing travel experiences, finding new travel friends or reading travel reviews of fellow friends.
  • Travellerspoint - An international meeting point for worldwide travelers.
  • TravelTogether - A travel based social networking service enabling users to share travel plans, travel deals and experiences.
  • - is one of the easiest ways to connect with people for finding a restaurant, a killer apartment, a gentle dentist or a hiking friend.
  • TripUp - A travel community site for finding travel information and planning for trips.
  • Triporama- Triporama provides an easy way to plan and collaborate on group trips.
  • VibeAgent - VibeAgent is a site about hotel reviews, travel meta-search and social networking.
  • WAYN - A social networking website uniting world wide travelers.
  • WeExplore - WeExplore provides an online platform for volunteers and travelers from all over the globe.
  • Wikitravel - Wikitravel is dedicated project for creating a trusted, up-to-date travel guide. It has over 16,641 travel destination guides maintained and written by Wikitravellers from around the world.
  • — This website really puts the world around your location.
  • Zoodango - Zoodango is a website enabling users to connect with urban professionals either online or face-to-face at local venues.


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