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It wasn't too long ago that businesses relied heavily on word of mouth advertising as a significant portion of their business. A community typically meant next-door neighbors, small businesses and perhaps your local postal carrier. But as you have already likely seen online, next door neighbors have now taken on a whole new meaning in that they can be located around the world and still communicate within a "local community."
Social Marketing Services Social Marketing Services
Social Media Advertising

  • Get in front of top influencers and shape your brand.
  • Viral Marketing
  • Generate buzz about your company that everyone will want to talk about.
  • Business Blogging
  • Communicate directly with customers and build industry awareness.
  • Business Podcasting
  • Syndicate video or audio that reaches business professionals on the go.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Establish your presence in the major social media outlets.
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Optimize and get the most out of your social communities.
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Find out what people are saying about your brands.
  • Identify and Communicate with Social Online Marketing

The above trend has given birth to a whole new breed of marketing called “social media marketing” that aims to behaviorally target individuals who share like interests and–best of all–communicate with each other. TMA E-Marketing’s social marketing media services identifies these communities and uses an integrated social media optimization approach to imprint your brand’s message into its target audience while achieving your desired results. Let TMA E-Marketing help you develop a social media marketing strategy by calling us today at 1-866-840-3062 to learn more about our social media marketing services or get started by scheduling a consultation with one of our media specialists.



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