Take The Social Media Tools He Gives You And Run With Them

Take the Tools and Run With Them by Chris Brogan

Posted: 25 Aug 2008 04:42 AM PDT


lab workers It dawned on me that there’s a risk of us all falling into the space of learning, writing about, and talking about the same tools. That as more people come and get passionate about how social media and social networking can be used, we may run the risk of adding more workers to the lab, and not promoting more uses of these tools out in the wild. The point of what I do here, in case it’s not completely obvious is this: I learn about things and share the information with you so that you will run off and do amazing things with the tools that have nothing to do with this space.

Does that make sense? My goal is that you pick up stuff here, and then run out and do things, and then maybe come back later and show me your great podcast about circus life (note: I had nothing to do with inspiring this podcast. I’m pointing to it as an example of a neat podcast about the circus, since disbanded).

Realtors, teachers, book sellers, bankers, farmers, whoever - the idea is that you learn some how to, figure out which tools make sense, and then you run far away from here (social media blogs) and do top shelf amazing things.

Come back often to say hi, if you’d like. I’m not shoving your learning process away. But make the CONTENT of what you build with these tools such that it focuses on your universe and the relationships and stories you want to build.

Make sense?

Photo credit, Jurvetson

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