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What is SoundUnwound?

SoundUnwound is the new music site from IMDB and Amazon. We've got loads of pages about artists, releases, record labels and genres for you to explore. Just go for a wander - uncover Elton John's real name, check out that Funk genre, find artists similar to Amy Winehouse and discover some new music! The world of music is huge and ever-changing, so we know there'll be things missing or wrong. But never fear - SoundUnwound pages are open for anyone to edit, so go ahead and fix it! You'll have made the world a better place :-) Go take SoundUnwound for a spin!

I think SoundUnwound has Britney's birthday wrong. How do I fix this (or anything else)?

You'll find the details on our snappily titled "How do I edit SoundUnwound?" page. Go try some editing. It's strangely addictive.
I see you need an Amazon account to sign into SoundUnwound.

Do I need to have bought stuff from before I can use SoundUnwound?

No. In fact, if you don't have an Amazon account already, you can create a new one the first time you sign into SoundUnwound.
I have multiple Amazon accounts. Can I use these to sign into SoundUnwound as different people?

No, that would be naughty. Using multiple accounts to participate on SoundUnwound is a violation of our Conditions of Use and may result in suspension.

Where does all this SoundUnwound data come from?

We started by mushing together Amazon's music catalog with a bunch of data from MusicBrainz, Mechanical Turk and our own editors. It's a start, but there'll inevitably be mistakes and omissions - so go fix them!


We'll be updating the FAQ as people ask more questions, so check back soon!

Explore music

We've got loads of pages about artists, releases, record labels and genres. Share your knowledge.



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