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About Social Media Systems

Q: What is a Social Media Marketing System?
A: Our Social Media Marketing System is the result of our efforts to market our services and those of our clients. When we talk about our Social Media Marketing Service, we are talking about building, marketing, and improving a niche web-presence to succesfully target traffic and leads for a specific product or service by creating an interactive website (blog) which evolves to become an interconnected, growing community online.

Q: What about SEO? Can you rank my website?
A: SEO (search engine optimization) is a very small part of what we do. Although we routinely rank ourselves and our clients for very competitive broader terms in addition to thousands of combinations of keyword search terms (longtail searches), optimization of a website cannot be seperated from the all the other pieces of a fully assembled puzzle that creates an effective website which makes a profit.

Q: What kind of exposure will I get?
A: You will be exposed to our entire subscription base; all of our readers; all of our website visitors; various social networking and video sharing and news sites; and your articles will be distributed to all of them, and to the whole world, on thousands of search engines and directories, including Google.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Our minimum client pays $3000.00 ($1000 down and two monthly payments of $1000 each) for setup, design, syndication, training, support, and three months of ongoing promotion and reporting after setup is complete (usually setup period is 30-60 days depending on the client). Longer term commitments for ongoing blocks of time for a 6 months or one year period provide discounted pricing, and upgrades are an option at any time at full value for the unused portion: see Our Services.

Q: What am I buying?
A: Ours is a bundled service: you will have representation and receive service on many fronts: put simply: you are buying a block of our time on a contracted pay-out period during which we shall perform services to help you build, market, and/or improve your web presence, customized to your individual needs.

Q: How much will it cost to renew?
A: Our contracts are maintained at the contract price indefinitely until and unless 30 days written notice of voluntary cancellation is received. The contract cannot be canceled until the originally agreed to amount (term) is paid in full. Advance payment is available at a 10% discount.

We have a representative near you:

Social Media Systems LLC
3600 Harbor Blvd. #468
Oxnard, CA 93035-4199

Social Media

The Slow Death Of Seo As We Know It

August 13, 2008

Creative Commons License photo credit: jphilipg

Not so long ago (I started my first company this industry in 2001) there was a race on to get to the top of the list – it was a wide open free-for-all with everyone shuffling to grab a huge emerging market: the need for search engine rankings and online PR of all kinds.

Now that race includes video, and another new trend: with more and more websites coming online, branding is taking back over, and small websites are seen less and less. We go to Expedia to buy Airline tickets, for instance, and now cheap Tickets.

Read more

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Written by israelrothman · Filed Under Featured, Internet Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing: When The Water Is Low…

July 18, 2008

Creative Commons License photo credit: Margaret Anne ClarkeMudflats and boats

In logging, there is a saying:

“When the water is low, the stumps will show”

It refers to the cylclicle nature of the industry, and how only the toughest survive when things are hard.

Recently I heard it said another way referring to the real estate industry in last year’s Leadership conference:

“When the water is low, you can see who has been swimming around naked!”

So true! It is the toughest of times that determine the real winners in any industry: success in Real Estate, IT, or any business requires endurance: but not just financial endurance, sometimes it is merely the attitude of the survivors that brings them through.

I once worked for an auto dealership that had six franchises until it started shutting them down one my one then went bankrupt. As salespeople, nobody knew exactly when to bail, or if there would be new opportunities with new ownership. As all the best used car inventory started disappearing off the lot to pay bills, the prospects became more and more bleak as a salesperson. With a family to support, I was one of the first to bail. But I never forgot the fact that those who stayed were so busy that they made a ton of money in the last few weeks, as bargain hunters hit the lot looking for fire sales, and bonuses where paid in cash to retain a sales force.

People who are truly fearless can sometimes benefit from everyone elses panic.

The water is low right now, for many of us, but tomorrow will come.

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Written by israelrothman · Filed Under Featured, Social Media Marketing
Scott Lauri Hits Hard With North Brunswick Real Estate Blog

July 3, 2008

Be sure to read this article: 1rst page Organic results: North Brunswick Real Estate, to learn about how a Realtor can definately achieve rankings for city, state, real estate and other competitive key word searches by way of a properly optimized, well sydicated blog: Scott ranks for many searches with his, here just a few examples: Read more

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Written by israelrothman · Filed Under Blogroll, Case Studies, Featured, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing
Link Bait: Blogging For Two Audiences

July 2, 2008

Here is the paradox: you must reach your market with a message that will generate leads to feed your business.

You must also reach the geeks and journalists who may republish and link to your articles, creating traffic and search engine rankings.

For Social Media Marketing purposes, you are really writing for two completely different audiences:


We are published here at, amongst other ientry publications ( who reach over 4,000,000 opt-in subscribers.

These are mostly techies and website developers, who are not our target market: some of them are even direct competitors: yet we intentionally write informative articles for this market, not so much to sell our services, but instead to be branded as an authority for our topics, which in turn ranks us for searches like ’social media marketing services’, on Google, Yahoo and MSN in the first page organic results.

This is because the most powerful link to your site for this purpose is for someone inside your industry to link to and consume your content: Google and the other search engines follow the trail back to the source of the information, making you the ‘authority source’ for your topic, and /or Geographic location.

However, this will not necessarily sell product for you. Once someone actually finds your website by way of a key word search as a result of your status as an authority and your relevant rankings, you also need to write content, like this article, which, while it will never be republished by my competitors, nor in any technical authority publication, it does help to explain to you (my target audience) exactly what I do, and how it may benefit you.

Likewise, you must reach consumers, and, one way to do that is to be an authority who is quoted about your profession, and/or location so that you can achieve organic rankings for those words.

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Written by israelrothman · Filed Under Blogs - Blogging, Featured, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing
Manage Your Google Reputation Free!

June 19, 2008

Have you typed your name into Google lately? What do people find when they do?

Google Luv
Creative Commons License photo credit: Nils Geylen

Your reputation can be intentionally managed: Read more

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Written by israelrothman · Filed Under Featured, Social Media Marketing
Multi-user Wordpress With Bbpress Forums: Social Media Marketing

May 2, 2008

Our new version of MUWordpress combined with BBPress and a few tweaks turns wordpress into a social media community. Imagine the value for a Real Estate brokerage with hundreds of agents launching a community site: see :

We will be rolling out many such community sites.

The templates continue to improve.

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Written by israelrothman · Filed Under Featured, Social Media Marketing
Everything On The Internet Is New, Dying, Dead Or Golden

March 21, 2008

The frist time Google sees it, it is new, new is good…

Read more

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Written by israelrothman · Filed Under Featured, Social Media Marketing
Why Does Internet Advertising Not Work For Everyone?

February 11, 2008

We hear this often: these guys had results immediately, while I have been doing everything and got no results. It is true: the same people continue to succeed, while others continue to fail: our beta testers in Denver who got immediate results, continue to succeed: they got 42 leads last month we just learned.

There are many reasons for this: I will list a few: Read more

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Written by israelrothman · Filed Under Blogs - Blogging, Featured, Internet Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Web Design Development
Video Blogging In Real Time From A Phone!

January 27, 2008

Wwigo - Preview Window
Creative Commons License photo credit: Leonard LowThis is really great: I learned how to operate this Nokia n93i (which i had to buy overseas, it is not here yet) in only a couple of hours, and this is the first video I recorded: it is already on Youtube and Google video automatically! Read more

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Written by israelrothman · Filed Under Blogs - Blogging, Featured, Social Media Marketing
Washington Ceo Business Networking

January 10, 2008

There is a growing trend in social media to relate real life interactions to the web, and web interactions to real life. This is nowhere more apparent than in the CEO and executive space- where sites like Linkedin and Zoodango are trying to harness the power from both sides of the offline vs online equation.

This is not an entirely new trend- in fact I have spent most of the last five years visiting and networking with groups to understand how they function in the real world and how that synergy can be merged online. From dozens of nationwide chamber of commerce events, local groups like BNI or Letip, and premium level social clubs such as ClubCorp- my team and I have probably been to thousands of different networking events (I know I’ve personally been to over 500.) Read more

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Written by admin · Filed Under Featured, Social Media Marketing
Wordpress Plugins - Turn Blog Into A Social Media Community With Forums Features

December 17, 2007

I was able to create this robust setup using an off-the-shelf theme, the latest Wordpress, and a new forums plug-in in two hours flat:, and another where my rep has already started adding content:

Now the real work begins, customizing the templates, calls to action, the distribution of the feeds, the manual submission work, the regular posting and monitoring, the moderation of the forums, and the hardest part: getting people to participate.

The new WordPress has many of the coolest features we used to have to create with separate plug-ins already in widgets out-of-the-box: but installation and troubleshooting would still be difficult for non-developers if they did not have excellent aptitude and some knowledge of code and troubleshooting scripting installations. Read more

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10 Timely Tips For Social Media Marketing In 2008

December 10, 2007

It is time to get up-to-date with some changes in the way a website is marketed online using Social Media:

Do Bookmark everything you write: it, stumbleupon it, onlywire it: get the word out about your content this way!
Ping the world when you post: it is possible to setup a pinger that lets several strategic places know about your new content.
Allow comments and interaction: it takes time and traffic to get it going, but user-generated, user-filtered content is great for placement and traffic building.
Solicit participation: ask your visitors to join the discussion, to log-in for free, to bookmark and share your content.
Include video: video will soon replace much printed material online: the video search engines are becoming more and more of a traffic source.

Read more

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Written by israelrothman · Filed Under Featured, Internet Advertising
Social Media Marketing Agency | The Lines Blur Between Publishing, Pr, It, Advertsing And Consulting

November 26, 2007

Globe with Latops representing online communicationIn the last two years (much faster than anyone imagined) the advent and mainstream popularity of blogging, Social Media, and online video technology have turned the advertising and publishing worlds upside down.

Until very recently:
PR was done by a select few with connections to and relationships with mainstream publishers and media;
Most advertising dollars were placed through mainstream advertising agencies;
Prime-time TV, print, and radio got the lions share of advertising revenues;
The Internet, although growing, controlled only a token of total ad revenues.

According to this article in Advertising Age magazine:

Those ratios are shifting quickly, with syndicated TV dropping 18% from 2005-2006, and network radio dropping over 25% during the same period, while Internet advertising has raised over 46%, and Spanish-language TV over 45%. The fact that you must download a clumsy PDF document to access information like that above tells you how slowly the advertising world is adjusting, and the fact that Google has found a way to access and rank that type of document (which was formerly invisible online) shows how fast Google is moving forward!

Read more

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E-pro Classes And Social Media Training

November 21, 2007

As a professional, my original interactive marketing experience started out in the recruiting industry working for the largest interactive ad agency in the world at the time- TMP Worldwide. As I progressed through corporate life and learned my lessons, one of the critical items always found lacking in numerous large businesses was up-to-date training.

Training however, is critical at all points of development. We cannot fail to realize that. In an industry I am very familiar with (the real estate industry), the National Association of Realtors has a program it endorses called E-Pro.

From their description “The e-PRO Certification Course is an educational program unlike any other professional certification or designation course available, comprehensive and Interactive. It is sponsored by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS® and is specifically designed to help real estate professionals thrive in the competitive world of online real estate. In addition, the e-PRO Certification Course is geared to ensure continued success in online real estate after the course has been completed and certification earned, by online participation in the e-PRO Community and the e-PRO Referral Network.“

I found a mixed review of the program, ranging from harsh critiques to glowing testimonials. Like all certification programs in a big organization there are all sides to consider.

One quote I found online by the Jim Cronin at the Real Estate Tomato “The e-Pro class is so far removed from what it takes to be competitive in the internet marketplace, that ‘graduates’ deserve nothing but a tinfoil badge for their efforts.”

While programs like E-Pro may not be the cutting edge of the internet marketing art, professionals of all backgrounds and experience levels need to be brought up-to-speed about online technology. As a marketing savvy friend to many start-ups in the Northwest, it is my belief that everyone has a place in the realm of social media and it is our responsibility to assist and nurture everyone into an understanding of the benefits they may be missing.

Unlike Cronin, who goes on to say things like “If you are having to drag you agents into the 21st century with a class like E-Pro you are not only wasting their time, but it’s too late to help someone who needs a ‘beginner’s guide’ to grasping the internet. Let the dinosaurs sleep.”

~I ask myself, perhaps we can take the dinosaurs out of the past and leverage the incredible strength they have?

In the real estate realm, I am on the younger side of the audience. I understand the technology on a fundamental level, I “get it” and I even wake up in the middle of the night thinking about fantastic new ways of changing the industry. Yet I do not have the thousands of relationships that a 25 year veteran of an industry has… I do not have the experience of seeing true depressions in a market… I do not have the knowledge of a great number of things.

That is were the partnership of strengths becomes greatest.
I do not need to take the assets of those who have gone before me, I merely need to help them understand the new community they interact with. I need to focus on what I do best, to strive for a way to help everyone become something better than we are as individuals. I need to accept that I am best at what I do, and for everything else there is someone I must turn to.

This is the very nature of social media: of collaboration and community. Perhaps the military figured it out before everyone else did: it is the idea that no one should be left behind. There are no dinosaurs in my world, merely some of us who may be weak in one area, and stronger than Goliath in another.

Perhaps, when no one is looking and my youthful insight fails me… I will fail.

I should be grateful enough that one of those dinosaurs that were left behind by other people repays me and picks me up.

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Creating A Local Business Networking Group Online

November 17, 2007 Happy Hour - 06/25/08 @ the Lava Lounge, SF
Creative Commons License photo credit: yummyporkyIt never ceases to amaze me how poorly planned Business Networking websites are: most do not have profiles for their members, or the ability for the members to create content or participate. If they sell advertising, the prices are rediculously high like print advertising prices used to be when someone actually read print.

In the weeks and months to come, you will observe this club:
Seattle’s Exclusive Networking and Business Club:

Read more

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Online Video Distribution And Syndication – Veoh, Youtube, Google, Myspace

November 12, 2007

Video discusses online video sharing sites and syndication.

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Written by solomonrothman · Filed Under Social Media Marketing
Social Networking Profile Rant - Personal Vs Business Vs Publicity

November 12, 2007

This is my personal commentary on what I think would make a more versatile social networking profile which would combine business, personal and publicity profiles.

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Written by solomonrothman · Filed Under Social Media Marketing
Social Network Growth Strategy - Content, Concept Or Both?

November 12, 2007

This video is a rant on what drives members and traffic to social networks.

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Written by solomonrothman · Filed Under Social Media Marketing
Facebook Pages And Social Networking For Businesses

November 12, 2007

I give my take on Facebook pages and how they’re another setup in the right direction.

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Radio Head, Madonna, And Nin – The Power Of Social Media Marketing To Reach A Vast Audience

November 2, 2007

Social media technology is changing the face of the relationship between the content producer and the content distributor. More and more they will merge into the same group, due to the incredible cheap cost of reaching a mass audience online. This month the first major music artists have decided to drop their labels in favor of self distribution. First Radio Head, then Madonna and Trent Reznor followed suit.

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