Social Media Coach


—Phil Gerbyshak

“Advertising is a tax you pay for being unremarkable.” - Geek Squad founder Robert Stephens

Social media is NOT advertising.

Social media is the most effective to connect with your customers and potential customers where they are, in the ways they want to be connected with. The days where you can tell your customers how to think and what to do. Here are the days where your customers want to find you when they want to find you, and they want you to add value to them, not just push advertising their way.

Here are a few of the tools I will teach you about to better reach your customers:

* Blogging
* Podcasting
* LinkedIn
* Facebook
* MySpace
* FriendFeed
* Ning

While there are thousands of tools out there, it’s impossible to do a deep dive on them all. My goal is to focus on the best and share what I find about the rest, incorporating new tools as needed into my tool belt.


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