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About Linda

Hey there,

My name is Linda Bustos. I’m an Ecommerce Consultant with Elastic Path Software, a killer ecommerce software platform, where I blog on a more consistent basis on the GetElastic Ecommerce blog about social media marketing for online retailers and other ecommerce articles.

Prior to joining EP I was the Director of Internet Marketing at Image X Media, a drupal web design and development firm, specializing in Drupal content management systems. From time to time I guest blog on their Drupal blog.

I love living on the West Coast, and working on my iMac. Oh, and I love public speaking at conferences and unconferences like Northern Voice and DemoCamp where I’ve been known to get a linda bit loco.

And, analytics! Catch my interview with Rich Page.

Linda Bustos is My Homegirl

Connect with me on Linda Bustos’ LinkedIn



You have a ‘thinkers blog.’ It’s great. Derrick


By: Derrick Daye on December 26, 2006
at 4:26 pm

Yup, really good. You’ve got alink at


By: Jeremy Jacobs on February 5, 2007
at 12:19 am

Thanks Derrick and Jeremy :)


By: postergirl on February 5, 2007
at 1:04 am

Have you ever been to Denmark??


By: Jonas on June 13, 2007
at 1:02 pm

love the new blog design…have a great weekend.


By: Michael Brito on June 15, 2007
at 9:32 pm

Thanks Michael, you too. I’ll try with all the rain we’re having over here. Wouldn’t be surprised if you’re having similar weather :-)


By: postergirl on June 16, 2007
at 6:37 pm

Nice getting to share a Fatih with you today! Have a great weekend.


By: Jeremy Latham on August 19, 2007
at 1:12 am

20% off Fatihs for Zee-listers…Tasty.


By: postergirl on August 19, 2007
at 5:02 am

We have an invitation only blog network. In it we would make your blog a part of our network. Which means that whenever an article on your blog is posted which is suitable for our site, it will be posted on our main page too and we would link back to your blog. Also, when advertisements are put up, we will share our revenue with you. So, while we get content from you, you get additional visitors, link back and additional revenue.
For details visit: and About Us:



By: Mayank on January 10, 2008
at 7:32 pm

Hey missing the updates!


By: Tabz on January 15, 2008
at 11:41 pm

Hi Tabz,
All updates are happenin’ over at, I *highly* recommend subscribing :D


By: postergirl on January 16, 2008
at 6:39 pm

thought you might enjoy this white paper


By: scott on March 29, 2008
at 3:03 am

Hi there. Just went to add your blog to my feedreader and noticed something buggy. The AddThis code appears to be for a blog called Soccer Spot, not this Smogger blog - at least when I tried to add to Feedburner. Just fyi.


By: Melanie Phung on April 22, 2008
at 6:49 pm

Hi - I have been looking for an email to contact you at but haven’t found one. I am the co-founder of, a social network dedicated to movie lovers. No - not just another social network. Ours has some good technology and is very easy to use. It is much deeper than our competitors. Check it out when you get a chance. Please contact me back at the email I provided.

* About Linda
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* Drupal Web Design and Development
* Podcast Directories

Posted by: postergirl | August 11, 2008
Finally a Podcast for Grannys

Moosejaw Mountaineering saw a niche podcast and jumped on it. This episode documents a Granny’s struggles signing up for Facebook.

It’s funny because it’s true - this is what novice internet users really experience when signing up for your social network, your mailing list, your special club or whatever.

Design for Grannies. Viva usability.

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Posted in Uncategorized
Posted by: postergirl | August 4, 2008
Top Eleven Reasons I Want To Win a Blogworld Expo Pass

This post is in response to John Chow’s contest for a free pass to Blogworld Expo. To enter, you just have to write a post on why you want to / deserve to go. Because Top Eleven Lists are the new Top Ten Lists, here’s my top eleven reasons why I should win this pass…

11. I recently won a Marketing Pilgrim blogging contest which includes free passes to the fabulous SES San Jose and a Future Now workshop in an exotic location to-be-announced, I believe lightning can strike twice in one summer, and that I can also win the Blogworld pass from Vancouver’s and the world’s favorite dot-com-mogul, John Chow.
10. I’ve got lots of blogger friends on Facebook, Twitter, MyBlogLog and StumbleUpon and it would be really cool if they got to meet me :-P
09. Because every year Linda doesn’t get to go to Blogworld, someone kills a kitten.
08. Blogworld needs mo’ ladies.
07. My soul is only worth $400, and if I don’t win this pass, I will have to sell my very soul for the pass. Trust me, el diablo’s not hard to find in Vegas.
06. Because I was disqualifiedz from da Cheezburger contest cuz Iz Canadian.
05. Armed with a Flip Camcorder, I’ll be podcasting! (If I can find one in Canada…)
04. What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Except, if I go to Blogworld, I’ll apply my newfound knowledge on
03. I’ll be in Vegas already Sept 15-17 blogging for the Blog. And if you’ve ever experienced a rainy September in Vancouver, you understand why I want to extend my stay in the desert!
02. My co-blogger-in-crime, Jason Billingsley, will be a speaker at Blogworld this year. I want to be there to live-blog his session for
01. Because I’m the first post out of the gate!

Image credit: Heather Champ via Flickr

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Posted in Uncategorized | Tags: blogging, blogworld, blogworld expo, john chow, johnchow
Posted by: postergirl | June 16, 2008
Bloggers Gotsta Has Good Grammarz

song chart memes
more graph humor and song chart memes



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Posted by: postergirl | June 14, 2008
I’m Getting Bored of Facebook - Video

Strumming my pain with your fingers, singing my life with your words you are…

Except for Scrabulous ;)

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Posted by: postergirl | May 30, 2008
8 Tweaks for Google Analytics

Just a quick update, I’ve entered a blogging contest at Marketing Pilgrim with an entry called 8 Stupid Things Webmasters Do To Mess Up Their Analytics.

It gives step-by-step instruction on how to create filters for traffic that isn’t really relevant to your business (and how to determine what’s not relevant traffic using your analytics), plus a few more tweaks you can make to your default Analytics implementation that will track your visitors better. For example, rewriting your session ID urls so that the same content doesn’t get tracked separately (maybe your blue-widgets page had 50 visitors and 25 conversions, but the session IDs were counted as different pages).

I wrote this because I believe you can get more out of your Analytics, and that most people would never find this info on their own because Google’s help section is a mess, and it can be hard to find where to make the changes in your account.

So you’ll have to check out the entire article over at Marketing Pilgrim to find out the 8 reasons, as per the contest rules, I cannot post the article here (find link below after reading the instructions!)

You can help me out in the contest by visiting the post, reading it, bookmarking it, Twittering it, sharing it by email etc. If you do click through, please read the whole article which should take at least 2:30 minutes (there is a bonus for low bounce rate and “high engagement” meaning someone reads the whole article, and this is probably the best way to gauge if someone actually likes the content)

OK, here’s how you can help!

  • Follow the link to read the full entry: 8 Stupid Things Webmasters Do To Mess Up Their Analytics
  • Read the whole thing, I promise you’ll learn something. If you don’t please share your tips in the comments!
  • Link to it or share it through social networks if you like, Stumbleupon it if you can!!
  • Subscribe to Marketing Pilgrim, it’s a fantastic blog!

Thank you so much!

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Posted by: postergirl | March 17, 2008
Drupal Fanboys and Fangirls Going Social

I’m really excited for my friends at Image X Media. They launched a redesigned web site last week complete with a shiny, new web design and development blog!

About Image X

Image X Media is a top-notch Drupal development and web design studio out here in BC. The team plans to get their hands dirty with this thing we call blogging and I know they’ll do great. Who knows, you might even find some guest posts from yours truly every once in a while, so go on and subscribe :)

I had the privilege of working on design and usability planning for a number of Image X clients, as well as SEO and other Internet marketing programs for a handful of them from 2006-2007.
Social Networking Rockstars!

Being the social media cheerleader that I am, getting the opportunity to work on social networking design and development projects was a blast. I also got to learn a lot about Drupal which is an open source CMS (content management system) that has won many awards and recognition for its flexibility, its quality, its passionate development community and even its SEO friendliness. Many companies and educational institutions are seeking out Drupal development companies for redevelopment and redesign as a result.

I know first hand how honest, hard-working, funny, creative and talented the Image X team is. I can’t recommend them enough. And they’ve now got a full-time usability consultant on deck so you know your information architecture is going to be solid. They’re truly a full-service design firm.
Recent Social Networking Development and Design Projects

Image X has really developed a knack for creating social media sites, and has built up an impressive client list of social networks on the Drupal platform including:
Discovery Education

Discovery Education Drupal Site
Sun Microsystems’ Fresh Brain

Fresh Brain Drupal Development
Creative Pro

Drupal Development and Theming for Creative Pro
Arizona State University

ASU Drupal Site
Wishing Well Giving

Wishing Well Giving Drupal Design
Global Oneness Project

Drupal Theming and Development Global Oneness
Puppet Hub

Puppet Hub Social Network Development with Drupal
UC Berkeley

UC BerkeleyUC Berkeley Social Networking Development
Peace Portal Alliance Church

Peace Portal Drupal Design and Development
Fantasy Sports Matrix

Fantasy Sports Matrix Social Network Built With Drupal CMS

PSST Drupal Theming and Development

You can check out the whole Drupal portfolio here.


Posted in drupal, drupal web design, social media, social network, social networking, social startups
Posted by: postergirl | March 17, 2008
Its Gonna Be One Massive April Fools…

Warren BaxleyRebecca BolwittLinda BustosRob Cottingham

What better place to celebrate the most mischievous day of the year than swinging by the Vancouver Exhibition and Convention Center for the Massive Technology Show? While you’re schmoozing with the technorati, you can also catch me and the rest of the New Media: Collaboration in Business panel.

I’ll be joined by Warren Baxley of Intercall, Rebecca Bolwitt aka Miss 604 and Rob Cottingham of Social Signal - with the fabulous Monica Hamburg keeping us in line.

Monica Hamburg

Hey, even if you don’t give a hoot about tech, marketing or da Internets - admit it, you’ve never seen a better lookin’ panel.

We’ll see you there.

Hey with Rebecca on the panel, who oh who is going to live blog the session? Maybe you?

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Posted in events, social media, social media education, social media literacy
Posted by: postergirl | February 23, 2008
Please Vote For My Icanhascheezburger Caption

I had the awesome privilege of attending September’s Annual Summit in Las Vegas - staying at the lovely Luxor and enjoying the most amazing ice cream from Svendsen’s.

We don’t have Svendsen’s here in Canada, so all I can hope is that someday I win a caption contest for ICanHazCheeseburger plus $500 spending money. With Svendsen’s double scoop at $6 a pop, I can almost haz 100 servings of ice cream. Then I can haz Jenny Craigs when I get back.

What else is cool is this contest was the idea of Neil Patel, who also did a neat little social media webinar with us last year, and was also kickin’ around at, rockin’ the social media panels.

Here’s my entry and link to vote for me! Please spread the link to your friends if you like, it’s my birthday on Thursday and that would make an excellent virtual gift from my virtual friends.

Vote for Me!

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Posted in fun Shtuff, social media, viral marketing
Posted by: postergirl | February 20, 2008
Heave Better Attraction! Yes You Can!

Hands down the funniest Facebook Ad I’ve seen to date:

Heave Better Attraction

What on Earth could this possibly mean? Amazing results as in:

a. Reduction of heaving through drugs and pills, therefore better attractiveness to others
b. Reduction of heaving induced by drugs and pills, therefore better attractiveness to others
c. Have better attraction, this is just a typo, the rest explains itself
d. Train yourself on drugs and pills, pose as a doctor, move to Mexico, set up your own cancer clinic/plastic surgery outfit and watch the money and the women roll in
e. SEX! Now that we have your attention, read our drugs and pills blog!

Any other stabs in the dark??


Posted in facebook
Posted by: postergirl | January 20, 2008
2008 Is Off To A Great Start

Lions Gate BridgeIt’s been far too long since I’ve posted here on Smogger. As you may or may not know, I’m blogging full time for Elastic Path, an ecommerce software company. Get Elastic is an ecommerce blog and I post every weekday so do subscribe, pleease!

A New Year’s resolution of mine is to post more often here on Smogger. I’ve decided to turn the focus from social media discussion and advice to highlighting the hip and happenin’ tech community here in Vancouver (or “Vangroovy” as some refer to it). Over the past couple months, I’ve met social network startup founders, Facebook developers, bloggers, podcasters, photographers and other hip-cats and I feel blessed to live in a city that is so vibrant.

I thought I’d kick off 2008 with 8 pieces of news I’m excited about (and we’re only half way thru January)

* RainCity Studios was so kind to include me amongst the ranks of Vancouver’s Tech Women to Watch
, the femme side of Techvibes’ list of guys. I’m looking forward to rubbin’ shoulders with the gurls & guys this Friday at Launch Party here in Vancouver. Will post pics!

* This Thursday I’m teaming up with the legendary Jason Billingsley for a webinar “12 Things To Learn From Christmas” - it’s an ecommerce focused session, but I believe any marketer could get some value out of it. (Sign up if you like). This is my first live webinar so wish me luck.

* Last year I waited too long to register for Moose Camp / Northern Voice and was shut out *sob.* This year I’ll be sharing some tips on social media 101 for the Internet Boot Camp portion of the un-conference, so at least I’m guaranteed to get in this time!

* Brian Chappel rounded up all the Internet Marketing types he could find on Twitter. Yours truly (Roxyyo) appeared on the list, though I’m not quite a “guru,” I’m thankful all the same! I also resolve to make better use of Twitter this year.

* Yesterday Get Elastic showed over 1500 subscribers. Sure, it was likely due to a glitch with Feedburner (Rohit Bhargava’s Facebook status tipped me off) - but we’re not that far off from that number. I want to see 2000 subscribers by September. I think that’s a reasonable goal.

* Smogger is still #1 in Google for “Social Media Blog” (thanks Jordan Behan for including me on the Z list shortly after this blog’s launch, which is the major reason why this is so) and even #10 for “social media” — and has been for about a year. You’d think that would bring in more traffic than it does, but hey, bragging rights. Actually, my top referring keyword every month, by a LANDSLIDE is “Leprechaun.” Go fig. I’m bracing for a wave of traffic in mid-March, LOL.

* Get Elastic made the AdAge Power 150 not long ago, we sort of hover around the 150 mark, and would probably be much higher if Google Reader count was included. Our highest position was in the 70’s.

* Elastic Path made this year’s Ready to Rocket list again this year, which means the company is outperforming the IT sector by a whole bunch. Sure I have nothing to do with this but I’m happy for the EP crew that work so hard to get us there.

Photo credit: Suprabiz


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