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June 18, 2008 — 09:42 AM PDT — by Sean P. Aune —

With the housing market in so much turmoil, home owners need to save every penny they can when attempting to sell. Whether you plan to use a real estate agent or sell your home yourself, we’ve put together a list of tools that will help give you a leg up in this turbulent market.

Here you’ll find resources for everything from finding the right real estate agent to appraising your home and tracking the market in your community.
Agent Tools

agentboost - You post a listing for a property you plan to sell and agents have five days to bid for your listing.

agentscoreboard - Read about agents in your local area and the experiences other property owners have had with them.

homethinking - A site allowing people to rate realtors that gives you an average of how much they get for homes and the most common types of properties they sell.

incredibleagents - Look up real estate agents all over the United States and either leave a review about them or research one you are looking into.

realtybaron - Enter information about your property and allow the agents to bid for your listing by lowering their sales commission.
Appraisal Tools

eppraisal - Eppraisal pulls public records for 120 million homes and combines it with other data to find an approximate value for your home.

HomePredict - Track how the market in your area is performing and try to predict where it is going so you can set the value of your house when you attempt to sell it.

housevalues - You’ll receive a valuation from experts in your area based on the data you enter about your home.

For Sale By Owner Tools

banzza - Offers listing abilities for professionals as well as owners trying to sell their own homes in Canada.

bidsell - This site will let you list your own property for free and also provides you with a free Web page to build about your listing.

choicea - List your property for free and have it syndicated to multiple sites. Also provides you with documents and advice needed for selling your home.


eBay Real Estate Listings - Since you can sell just about anything on eBay, why not go ahead and sell your house, or any other piece of property you happen to own.

findmyroof - Free listings for properties you have for rent or sale, giving you full management over your listings.

fizber - Fizber offers free listings for home owners and lets you submit your classified ad to 80 listings sites.

forsalebyowner - Does charge listing fees between $89 and $899, but offers legal forms and phone support for owners listing their homes for sale.

fuzzbo - Assisting those in the United Kingdom wishing to sell their home without an agent, saving themselves the agent fees.

globalhousemarket - Sellers from all over the world can list their homes for sale, but primarily directed to buyers in the UK as all prices are listed in Pounds.

homemaxima - You can list properties for free, have your agents list, or post the property you want to sell and let agents bid for your business.

housespin - Create a free listing for your house and then advertise it wherever you choose.

pycasa - A Google maps Google Maps mashup that helps you search for homes that for sale by owner, and gives you an idea of the area they are located in.

webdigs - Webdigs charges a flat fee of $3000 on homes sold through their service, which can save a seller thousands of dollars over going through the usual agents.

zillow - Find the value of your home as well as list it for sale through their site.



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