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Understand Reach with PopularMedia's API Reporting Service

PopularMedia also offers an API Reporting Service for an additional fee. Reports can be accessed 24/7 through a web dashboard and provides information that details use of the API by your end users.


You can easily add PopularMedia Importer functionality to tell-a-friend programs, "friend finder" tools, or any other process on your site. You may create your own interface, to match your existing look and feel.

PopularMedia Importer is free to marketers and developers. For an additional fee you can receive full reporting on API usage.

Complete the PopularMedia Importer order form, which includes our Terms of Use. Once your free account has been created, you will receive your personal Access Keys, which will enable you to access and use the API.

PopularMedia Importer

Help your influencers spread the word

PopularMedia Importer lets visitors to your site quickly import their existing web-based address books (including Yahoo!, Gmail, AOL, MSN, and Hotmail). By giving your best customers easy access to their contacts, it becomes simple for them to share your message with everyone they know. This tool is ideal for adding social networking functionality like "friend finder" to your website, improving tell-a-friend programs, and more.

The PopularMedia Importer is FREE to marketers and developers, and usage reporting is available for a small fee.



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