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What are these lists?

The following is a list of companies who are using social media, non-profits using social media, and the bottom list is of companies who offer social marketing services.

Who does NOT belong on this list

Please note that just because your company has a website does not mean you can add yourself to this list, you need to be using social media. The company links also need to go to another internal page that talks about the company and the company's social marketing campaign(s) — (see the example layout link above to see how it should look). Inside that page you may link to your company and blog. Please remove any links that do not follow these guidelines.

Navigating the list

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Business Using Social Media to Connect with Clients


NON-Profit Business Networking

Must be related to Web, Design, Advertising, Marketing, and Social Media


Must offer Web Design, Advertising, and Marketing


Who OFfer Social Media and Mareting




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