MyBlogLog is essentially a social network for blogs. However, the service also provides valuable statistics; including onsite clicking habits and referral information. Owned by Yahoo.

I recently signed up to MyBlogLog, which is a kind of instant social networking system for bloggers. It enables you to set up a community around your blog and - optionally - add statistics. More details of MyBlogLog can be found at Techcrunch and A VC.

I've added a 'Recent Readers' widget to R/WW (see sidebar) and I encourage you to add yourself to the Read/WriteWeb community - click here for more details. Let me know in the comments to this post what you think of the idea. Over the past couple of months there have been many active and enjoyable discussions on R/WW, so it'd be great to extend that community a little more using MyBlogLog. Let's see how it goes anyway.

I like the idea of an SNS attached to a blog or website - and that blog communities can mix together. For example Techcrunch and A VC readers may well enjoy Read/WriteWeb, and vice versa. I have to admit it takes a while to get used to your avatar showing up on other blogs when you visit their pages - so much for reader privacy! But looking at the big picture, it's very nice to know that people are visiting your blog - and from the visitor's perspective it can generate click-throughs to their own blogs/sites.

For example just this morning I visited Fred Wilson's blog to read his thoughts on whether startups need to be located in Silicon Valley, as suggested in a NY Times piece (which I saw via Techmeme btw). Fred saw that I had visited his site, via MyBlogLog, and so he joined the R/WW community and left this message:

"richard glad to see your icon on my page just now. i really like mybloglog. it tells me when people like you are visiting my blog. you should try putting the reader roll on your page. it's really great and my readers seem to like it a lot fred"

So I'm encouraged by this kind of blog community interaction and hope to see more of it. Kudos to MyBlogLog for building a system which enables social networking via blogs.

Here is the link again to the Read/WriteWeb community. I'm also interested in your thoughts if you don't like the idea of your face/avatar showing up on blogs.
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MyBlogLog is a social network for the blogger community that is based in part on interactions facilitated by a popular web widget that many members install on their blog.[1] Bloggers sign up for free accounts on MyBlogLog and can initiate a blog community for one or more blogs they author. Other registered members can subscribe to these communities, effectively bookmarking them for future reading and sharing them with their own contacts. Bloggers can then display widgets on their sites which show MyBlogLog online community members who have recently visited their page. These widgets also contain links to visiting members' community pages, and are one way in which users connect with one another. All members can see certain basic information about how many people visit their blog, what links they clicked and where they come from. Members may also view more extensive information about traffic on their site for a small monthly fee.

MyBlogLog communities revolve around an individual blog registered by that blog's author. These communities have anywhere from a few to thousands of members. Communities that are particularly popular, have the most members or that are brand new are featured on the MyBlogLog Communities page. Members can also find communities via searches for key words or tags.

MyBlogLog members are displayed and searchable in a largely similar fashion to MyBlogLog communities. Featured, popular and new members are displayed on the MyBlogLog members page. Users can also search for members and get a sense of who they are by seeing which communities they are a member of and what tags have been associated to their profile by the MyBlogLog community.

MyBlogLog was acquired in January, 2007 by Yahoo for slightly more than 10 million dollars and with over 45,000 blogs subscribed at the time.[2]. Currently, MyBlogLog averages approximately 22 million visits to pages with MyBlogLog widgets each day, and the site has over 275,000 registered members.[3] MyBlogLog has an rank of under 2,500 and Google PageRank of 7 out of 10.

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