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When one Twitter just isn’t enough.
MultiTweet - a micro-blog aggregator

Published by doug on Aug 28th, 2007

I started developing MultiTweet after a friend asked how he could manage more than one twitter account easily. In order to post to multiple twitter accounts you need to be constantly logging out and back in as a different user.

Twitter has a pretty good API so I put together a quick page that showed two twitter accounts and had text boxes to post to each. From there, it was an obvious next step to add Jaiku to the mix.

As it stands at the moment, MultiTweet will let you have any number of Twitter and Jaiku accounts managed under a single user. The updates from each account are aggregated into a single stream so that the whole thing fits on one simple page. I will shortly be at the point of being able to open it up for an invite-only beta which will let me guage how well it will scale and optimize it as needed.

The feature set is basic at the moment but I have a lot of ideas and am interested in hearing from users what they need.

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