Mixing A Great Idea With Clever Blog Promotion

Mixing a Great Idea with Clever Blog Promotion by Chris Brogan

Posted: 25 Aug 2008 11:07 AM PDT


bloggerslug Todd Defren just killed some birds. In this post, Todd comes up with a really simple way for bloggers to explain to PR professionals how that blogger feels about PR pitches. It’s so simple, and yet, I bet it will be reasonably effective.

But what’s secondary and excellent about this idea is that people (like me) are going to blog about it, and we’re going to blog it with links, and we’re going to bookmark it, and stumble it, and spread the idea around.

Simple idea that’s useful to me gets TODD a bit more link and traffic love. See? There’s an idea on top of the idea right there, and that should be what you think about for your own business or organization.

Right after you bloggers do what Todd advises here.

Note: I use Skitch to do screenshots. It’s cool.

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