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Kina Grannis:Winner of Doritos Viral Campaign to Crash the 2008 Superbowl.


Who is Kina Grannis?

The Bio of Kina Grannis

The guitar sings in her hands and her voice cuts through the room. Her lyrics tell a story, spill out emotions, and confront the eccentricities of life. Kina's ability to parallel the delicate nuances of her melodies with poignant observations on life, love and the many uses of pennies is superseded only by her transcendent voice, which rivals that of many of today's popular musicians.

As a young girl Kina put on shows for her stuffed animals in front of the staircase. Her favorite game was writing impromptu songs to titles invented by her little sister. She grew up singing three-part harmonies with her sisters while doing the dishes. Music, and singing in particular, has always been in the picture.


It wasn't until 15 that she discovered her aunt's old classical guitar under the piano. Something finally clicked, and she realized that this could be the outlet she was looking for. No more hiding in the bedroom recording sing-alongs to karaoke tracks—now she had a real excuse to sing. For her 16th birthday, she got her very own Kina-sized guitar and after a month spent locked away in her room, completely engrossed in her newfound passion, she finally wrote her first song.

Since then, Kina has proven her talent as a prolific writer, having written roughly 80 songs to date. She has played at various LA venues, including The Rainbow Bar & Grill, Room 5, Genghis Cohen, The Cat Club, the Knitting Factory, and several locations at the University of Southern California where she recently completed her undergraduate degree. Kina has also performed at several Relay For Life functions over the years.

In her sophomore year at USC she was lucky enough to be selected by the Thornton School of Music to produce a CD, the result of which is the 6-song EP available for purchase from the media page. Then, in early 2007, she was chosen to record a song for songwriters Rachael Lawrence and Deborah Ellen, which was featured in General Hospital in September of 2007. Recently, one of Kina's songs has also been selected to be included in the independent film, "Glass City."


In Summer 2007, Kina relocated to Austin, TX, but a victory in the Doritos Crash The Superbowl contest and a resulting record contract with Interscope Records brought her back to Los Angeles in early 2008, where she is pursuing this new leg of her career with as much passion and enthusiasm as ever.

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