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Social Networking List and Information to Help You Compare or Leverage Social Media.

What is Social Media?


What is "Social Media" or in many cases it is also called "New Media"? These titles simply stand for a network of online sites designed to connect people in communities across the world via the web. Online photo sharing, video streams, audio networks, facebook, myspace, microblogs, schedule sharing the list goes on and on.

This wiki is a list of social networks and new media categorized and arranged by how you can leverage them for your personal benefit (to choose which one you like the best), to share ideas and opinions, and to teach companies where their consumers are online.

Who started this wiki and why?

In the long run I, Desarae A. Veit or my username on all of these networks desaraev (, started this list for myself and a client (Mark Drapeau of the Department of Defense). This list helps me to categorize and arrange the nearly 1,000 social sites I'm a part of and in the long run helps me to leverage each of these sites for my many clients looking to join their consumers in the online space or just to learn more about their consumer's persona, their wants, needs, and how they can connect on a deeper level.

Find the authors on Twitter:

Mark: Cheeky_Geeky
Desarae: Desaraev

Learn more about Social Media

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