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August Ash is an example of an SEO Firm

Minneapolis Search Engine Optimization

At AAI, we integrate marketing into every aspect of your website. Even before thinking about a site, we’ll research your industry, your company, and most importantly, your marketing goals. Then, we’ll help you develop a site that is "primed" for the search engine ranking systems. Finally, once you have a quality site design for your company, we’ll take the next steps in our Minneapolis search engine optimization process: using our knowledge and experience to increase the number of people that find your site in the search engines.
Our Search Engine Optimization Process

While our Minneapolis search engine optimization process involves several steps and details, the following are a general overview of our process. Once we complete these initial steps, we also work with you to maintain the improvements your site has achieved through our initial search engine optimization tactics. This maintenance is an important part of search engine optimization, so we can always keep up with your competitors and your industry.
Key word analysis

Choosing effective key words to target when marketing your site is one of the most important elements of search engine optimization. While you may refer to your product or service with one term, potential customers may be searching something completely different. The amount of times a word is searched can change with variations as simple as a plural version or adding a dash. Your site can be ranked first for a term you commonly use, but if customers aren’t searching this term, you won’t see any results. Starting with ideas from your company, we’ll perform an analysis to determine a list of effective key words to target, choosing words that are relevant to your company and popular enough to bring you traffic, but still specific enough gain quality traffic.

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Site Design Evaluation

AAI will conduct an evaluation of your existing website on several levels to help you determine areas that can be improved.

First, we’ll look at your site from a design standpoint. The key to a good website is keeping things fresh and up to date, not only with current information but also with current technology. A well built site is easy for search engines to find, but more importantly, it's easier for your customers to find the information they need.

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Site Copy Evaluation

We'll also review your site’s copy. While key word analysis is an essential step in search engine marketing, it won’t get you very far if these words aren’t in your site. We’ll evaluate the current copy on your site and assess opportunities for key word additions.

In addition to key words, we'll pay attention to the format of your copy. Writing for the web is different than writing for print. When reading a web page, readers are likely to skim content for important points, spending less time reading. We'll work with you to make sure your copy is as easy to read and user-friendly as possible.

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Prior is an example of an seo


PIOR is an online company offering many internet marketing services, link building services and SEO to help both promote your website across the net and also to better your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) for your targeted keywords. We offer numerous packages for link building and one way link building.

PIOR is a link building company that is built on results. Happy clients with positive results is what makes and keeps PIOR going. We are committed to not only our success, but to yours. We are constantly looking for new and better ways to help webmasters expand their online presence, viewer reach and client base.

“Your success IS our success.”
Various C-Class IPs

Each one of our network of sites is placed on its very own C-Class IP. What does this mean for you? Numerous InBound links coming from the same C-Class IP are not very helpful. They are often seen as links or “votes” all coming from the same place. However each inbound link from a different C-Class IP is seen as a separate link or “vote” for your site.
Only $0.50 Per Link

Our prices and plans can meet with just about any budget. Whether you’re looking to start out slowly with your link building campaign or take a more dominant approach, we have various plans and price ranges for you to choose from. Also be sure to keep an eye on our blog for network updates, special offers, super sales and even handy promo codes that can save you even more! All links are permanent, inbound, one way and will be each from a different C-Class IP.
Unique Spin Service

At PIOR we offer our clients the option of making their articles unique. What this does is take the article that our team has written for you and puts it through our special unique spin service that will create a new, fresh and of course unique article for every site posted to. We strongly recommend you use the unique spin service as it will greatly add value to your inbound links. Why should you care? Inbound links coming from identical content can sometimes be seen as “spam” to search engines. You want your links to count and so do we.
One Way Link Building

The most beneficial type of link building is in fact one way link building. If handled correctly this can drastically increase your sites placement within search engine results. You want to have your own way links coming from within content that is relative to your keywords. With our service your one way links are placed using your keywords within unique content that is rich with your keywords. This gives you on topic, relative, unique link power.
Link Building Services

If you browse through our site you will see that we offer a variety of link building services at very competitive rates. We have a wide range of packages and specials that can meet with just about any budget. We have packages available for those wanting to launch a small link building campaign and also larger packages for those looking to take a more aggressive approach to your link building plan.
SEO Link Building

With PIOR you new one way links will hold great SEO power for your site. This in turn will help to boost your SERP (Search Engine Rank Position). We implement safe SEO strategies to give more attention to not only your inbound links but also to your keywords. With our SEO link building practices your keywords will compliment your links and vive versa.

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