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Social Media can take your Non-Profit organization to new heights! Join us for a day of social media immersion at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX to learn how.

The first Got Social Media™ event, Houston, Texas sold out! So Got Social Media™ is back - and this time we’ve targeted the message to non-profit organizations. We’ve assembled some of the top minds in Social Media, Technology, Design, and Marketing - to help your organization soar. If you currently work with a Non-Profit, or in Advertising, PR, Marketing, Technology, then Got Social Media™ is the conference for you.

The American Red Cross, several political campaigns and even a few local organizations like the Lance Armstrong Foundation, churches, schools, and other not for profit entities are discovering that Social Media can transform the effectiveness of community outreach, publicity, and grassroots marketing campaigns. Implementing a successful campaign can be made much easier with the right tools and understanding of how to use them - we can help!

The Got Social Media™ Conference will show you how to use Social Media and Community Based Marketing to increase your network of donors, volunteers and participants. Join us in Austin to learn how.


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Social Media is the Future (for Non-Profits)

It’s predicted that by 2012 Social Media/Community Marketing Budgets will outweigh Traditional Marketing Budgets in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors - and I’m not the least bit surprised. Professionals in Marketing, PR, Advertising, and Journalism are incorporating Social Media strategies into their messaging. The savvy nonprofit can do the same! People increasingly



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