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According to eMarketer's, 38% of all Internet users, or 72 million people, used social networks at least once a month in 2007. Among 18-34 year olds, 25% visit social networks daily and among 9-17 year olds, 55% spent between 5 and 30 hours per week on social networking sites.* Social networks have transformed where users spend their time on the web and have revolutionized how users communicate with each other and how advertisers communicate with users.

If you're concerned about showing up next to sensitive or controversial content, many of our social networking partners have created placements that only contain non-user generated content, such as the MySpace music or movies page. These placements allow you to reach just as many users in the social networking environment without worrying about your brand. Additionally, with the launch of cost-per-click placement targeting, you can placement-target any of our social networking sites and only pay when users click on your ads.

*(Dynamic Logic "Ad Reaction 2007," Grunwald Associates)
Advertising on Social Networks

Social networks are a powerful channel for reaching a variety of users on the web. You can select between CPM and CPC pricing. If the purpose of your placement-targeted campaign is to increase sales, leads, sign-ups, or other conversion-oriented metrics, you can select CPC bidding and pay when users click on your ads. If you want to maximize impressions and increase brand awareness among your target audience, you can select CPM bidding.

Choose from text, image, or click-to-play video ads to communicate your message and select from the many social network placements we have in the Google content network, including MySpace, Facebook applications, Friendster, hi5, BlackPlanet, and more.

You can also further refine your campaign with demographic bidding on many of our social networking sites. This allows you to bid more for users of a certain gender or age range, or use restricts to prevents users of certain demographic groups from seeing your ads. Learn more about demographic bidding.

To see examples of advertisers who've successfully used social networks to meet their advertising objectives, please take a look at the Aeria Games and LifeScript case studies.
Social network placements

You can use the AdWords Placement Tool to identify and select social network placements within the Google content network to display your ads. You can select social network placements by:

• Category: If you're unsure which social networks you'd like your ad to appear on, select the Social Network category under Social Networks and Online Communities. This will provide you with a list of all our social network partners and allow you to select those that meet your campaign objectives.

• URL: If you know which social network you'd like to target, simply type the URL into the Placement Tool, such as, for example. From here, you can view all the different placements on MySpace and see a list of similar sites as well.



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