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+ My Best Advice About Social Networking

Posted: 13 Aug 2008 04:30 AM CDT

fern-network If one understands the way social networks can deliver value, they have the opportunity to do more for themselves than ever before. What used to be a fairly linear world, one with ladders to climb rank, and lines to wait in for limited resources, are now built of vast and flexible networks, some loose and some rigid. Our social networks, both the old-fashioned type in real life, as well as the new constructs created by social software, give us the ability to do amazing things for ourselves and for others. But it does require some thought and consideration. Here are some ideas for you to use as springboards.

My Best Advice About Social Networking

1. Will Companies Value Your Personal Network?
2. The Vital Importance of Your Network
3. What does Facebook actually DO for me?
4. Facebook Could Get Really Creepy
5. Threading the Social Needle
6. Social Networks- Time to Specialize
7. Starting Points for Online Presence
8. The Way Today’s Web Changes Things
9. The Value of Networks
10. Social Networking Features are Toilets

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