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China: Social Media

An analysis of the state of social media in China has been undertaken by examining the three barriers to social media flourishing in China. Some of these issues include:

1. Cultural Issues
2. Government & Regulatory Issues
3. Business Issues

China - Social Media and PR across Asia

The Impact of 'The Great Firewall of China'

Although there is a great amount of foreign media coverage dedicated to the existence of the The Great Firewall and its supposed impact upon Chinese internet users, most Chinese say that they approve of internet control and management on the part of the government. In a recent survey conducted by the PEW Research Center, 84% of respondents said the internet should be regulated by the government, as the reliability of online content is low and worries about the potential impacts of unregulated internet use on the youth abound.

Most internet users are not affected by the firewall, as they do not seek any sensitive information in their daily usage. Practically speaking however, subverting the firewall is fairly easy for anyone with an intermediate level of familiarity with internet technology. Proxy servers and VPN clients are two commonly used methods of bypassing the barriers. In addition to this, many Chinese bloggers also use phonetic spelling in order to prevent their posts from being censored. However, the firewall also bans some sites unconditionally and accessing these poses a far greater challenge.
Source: "Ignoring the Great Firewall of China"

China: Social Media - Social Media and PR across Asia

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