Twitter Branding

Twitter creates a unique opportunity for brands to communicate with consumers online. It's not advertising, it's not real time chat, it's Twitter. This new form of communication not only provides brands the ability to deliver relevant, SEO friendly messaging, but to connect and listen to consumers. Twitter users provide insight into their lives, and by communicating similarly brands can create more humaized interaction points online.

Twitter Marketing

Marketing on Twitter is not as simple as creating an account and posting tweets everyday. We help you use Twitter to target customers in a new way, based not on demographics but directly expressed interest in a topic, product, service or brand. Twitter allows targeted communication with individual consumers and their social network online. Use Twitter to get feedback on a new or potential product or service, use Twitter like a focus group, provide consumers with links to media, content, blogs, offers and promotions, use Twitter like a VIP list for your brand…we can help you provide consumers with a return on their time investment on Twitter making them more engaged and more likely to spread the word. Twitter Marketing is network marketing 2.0, and we help design and implement the creative solutions that engage people.

Platform Integration

Twitter integration is a key for any blog, but with the Twitter API it can be integrated anywhere. Bring Twitter to your static blog, create a page on your website with your cherps or tweets and those of your followers. Whether your site is Wordpress, Movabletype, HTML or cave drawings - we'll help you find a way to integrate Twitter.


You may not be ready for a strategy, but you're thinking about it and want some data to back up your plans. Cherp offers consulting services for brands and marketerst looking for more information before making the leap. We read everything there is on Twitter, can spout ridiculous amounts of Twitter facts, and no matter how many other things we try to learn, we can't seem to unlearn the encyclopedic gobs of information about Twitter, Twitter Marketing, Twitter Branding, Twitter Integration, or which Twitter app we think is coolest (still Twitterific for the iPhone, but we're sure not for long.)

About Cherp


Twitter has inspired us since day 1, but it wasn't until working on a broader social media marketing project that it became clear how strong our passions for Twitter were. Started by Matthew Tharp, the idea behind Cherp is to encourage businesses to use the Twitter platform in creative ways, while inspiring more and more consumers to participate. Twitter can be fun, but with the help of Cherp Twitter can lead to a new movement of empowered and engaged consumers and brands.

The Team

Matthew Tharp

Matthew J. Tharp founded Cherp to leverage his success with award winning brand designs and marketing experience. He has creatively managed competitive sales and marketing efforts for multiple start-ups including live chat software, internet monitoring, and recruitment websites.

His brand experience has led to awards, publications, and succesful clients. He's been involved in social networking and social media as a blogger, thought leader, and participant since 2002.

Gustofson Frisk

Gus is the Cherp mascot, our 175 lb. mastiff. He's big, loud, and has been at our feet through the whole development of Cherp.



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