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++ US bloggers

  • Alan Levene - instructional technology, web development, photography, and other assorted things that get under my fur
  • Beth Kanter
  • Bev Trayner
  • Bamboo Project
  • CogDogBlog
  • Full Circle Online Interaction
  • Michelle Martin: career development, technology and learning strategies for lifelong personal and professional growth
  • Multi-author blogging on nonprofits and technology
  • Nancy White on everything about online communities and networks
  • NetSquared
  • Portugal
  • Social media for nonprofits, with lots of thoughts in progress, tips, tools, widgets
  • Social learning and new media

UK bloggers who might be interested in collaborating here

Bill Thompson consultant, presenter, columnist
Brian Kelly UK Web Focus
Social media in further and higher education
Alie Casey on engagement and social media
Charity Blog
UK charity news with some social media references
Connected Republic
Group blog on technology-enabled public sector transformation, developed by Cisco's Internet Business Solutions Group
Connecting Bristol
Blog started to document Bristol's 2007 Digital Challenge bid, and continued
Content to be different
Paul Caplan with news and views on the Live Web for grassroots communicators and educators
Distributed Action Research, communities of practice and social objects by Andy Roberts
Dave Briggs on web 2.0, social media and online community building
E-democracy news and comment
Designing for Civil Society
David Wilcox on collaboration, engagement, social media
Steve Dale on Web 2.0 and knowledge sharing
David Jennings on learning, psychology, online/interactive media and music
Shane McCracken and colleagues on creating community conversations
Dan McQuillan on the Internet and social change, human rights, innovation
Paul Henderson on developments at ruralnet|uk
Jason Kitcat
E-democracy, particularly e-voting
Laura's Notebook
Laura Whitehead on design, non profit technology and life
Lizzie Jackson
Research, consultancy and training on digital social life
London ICT Champion
Nonprofit tech support in London from Miles Maier
Lucy in the sky
Lucy Hooberman works at the BBC on future media
NCVO Third Sector Foresight
Change in the nonprofit sector, some driven by technology
NESTA Connect
Collaborative innovation
nfp 2.0
Community manager Steve Bridger comments on social media for nonprofits
Open (finds, minds, conversations) …
Anthony Mayfield works on new services and tools for PR, marketing and media professionals
Perfect Path
Lloyd Davis on social media: now organising The Tuttle Club as a social media cafe
Platform Neutral
Ed Mitchell on organisations and communities using social media: facilitation, strategy, technology
Nick Booth podcasting and more in Birmingham
Simon Dickson on e-government, online news and politics
Ruralnet|uk are reinventing their business online
School for Social Entrepreneurs
Nick Temple and collagues on social entrepreneurship with social media and e-democracy references
Graham Lally on What is it to be "the public" in a digital world?
Simon says
Simon Collister on PR in the new media age
Simon's Blog
Simon Berry, chief executive of Ruralnet|UK being open about his work … and life
Tim's blog
Tim Davies on young people's participation, nonprofit technology and social change
Tools, Thoughts and things one can do …
Michael Ambjorn on communications technology, volunteering and web 2.0
Watford Gap
Paul Webster's view from the ICT Hub of Regional ICT support, campaigning and collaborative uses for new media
Whitehall Webby
Civil Servant Jeremy Gould on government and social media

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