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Do you get too much email?

Of course you do. If you’ve ever had days where you never make it out of your inbox, we can empathize. Here’s the solution to your problem: only check your email twice per day. Sound crazy? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.
AwayFind tames your overflowing Inbox

AwayFind is a communication tool that bridges the gap between emails and phone calls. AwayFind enables people to reach you with critical information via a Contact Form link in your “out of office” auto response message. This Contact Form routes messages to your cell phone or delegates them to your co-workers. When traveling with limited cellular or internet access, you can also quickly login to AwayFind and read only your critical messages. Learn how AwayFind can make you more productive…


  • Customizable auto response messages with situation-appropriate examples
    • Professional and brand-able Contact Forms
    • The ability to send people to your website from the Contact Form
    • Urgent communications sent to your cell phone as text messages
    • Secure online access to messages
    • Accounts that can be configured in just five minutes


  • Receiving important messages without checking email
    • Being able to travel with confidence
    • Staying accessible, but not interruptible, while doing business on the road
    • Prioritizing and clearing out your inbox with ease
    • Providing better customer service
    • Accessing crucial messages without internet access
    • Automatic delegating to co-workers to get problems solved
    • And last but not least, getting a lot more work done

A Different Approach to email

If you're bogged down by email, then check it less often! Any productivity expert will tell you that when you do check your email, do it all at once—don't let it eat away your day in twenty-minute bites. AwayFind is the tool that makes this possible—it enables you to focus on your work, or get out of the office, or both!
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Inspired by The 4-Hour Workweek

The ideas in Timothy Ferriss' best-selling The 4-Hour Workweek helped SET Consulting, a productivity consulting firm, take our business to new levels. However, when we implemented his approach to adjusting our dependence on email, we felt there was a missing piece. We created AwayFind to fill that missing piece.
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