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Avatars United is a web community for avatars of online games and virtual worlds. It was launched in March 2008 by Sweden-based Enemy Unknown.

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[edit] Features

At the core, Avatars United is a social networking website that lets users connect their game avatars with each other. Avatars can interact and share experiences by sending messages, blogging, discussing topics and uploading photos and videos. They can also join or create groups and organize in-game events.[1][2] As to keep the website to in-game content only, any real-life content or references to real-life identities are strictly forbidden.[3]

Avatars are organized by the server they belong to, called "worlds" on the website. Each world has a dedicated page where users can track the activity of its avatars. Users can register an unlimited amount of avatars from multiple worlds and games and designate one as their main avatar.[4] This allows users to keep in touch with friends from past games as they migrate to new ones.[5]

[edit] Supported games

Avatars United currently supports more than 30 popular games, among them Age Of Conan, EVE Online, EverQuest I & II, IMVU, Second Life, Ultima Online and World of Warcraft.[6]

The website also integrates with official game resources such as the World of Warcraft Armory and EVE Online API.[7]

[edit] History

The project was initiated by a group of real-life childhood friends with a passion for computer games in the summer of 2007.[8]

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[edit] External links

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