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Welcome to Social Media and PR across Asia! Feel free to explore, ask questions, or suggest new content. Thank you for your support.

Welcome to Asia's Most Comprehensive Social Media Wiki
Asia's social media diversity can be just as exciting, varied, and exasperating as its cultural diversity. From unique linguistic demands in South Korea and Thailand, for example, to amazing technology penetration in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore…Asia measures up as a dynamic and, in many ways, world-leading region for technology and communication professionals. But where do you go to learn about social media in Asia and these world standards? As part of SMU's COMM 215 course, Social Media and Corporate Communication Across Asia, students under the direction of Professor Michael Netzley (Michael's blog) have created this wiki to hopefully answer some of your questions. As we like to say in class, "if you are a Swede working in China and looking at South Korea, then what should you know about social media in that country?" We hope you find the wiki useful.

Ultimately, our goal is to create the first social media map of Asia.

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Map of Asia

eMarketer data from above link Anyone interested in social media as both a social phenomenon and corporate communication channel can explore this site. We collect technology penetration data, mobile markets, case studies, leading bloggers, key web sites, and governmental policy in a single location. Complementing the core data will be original materials from the creators regarding Podcamp Singapore, original podcast productions, and essays.

I encourage you to please support the students and their research.

And why is this information so important? Moving beyond the common knowledge that we are living in what many be called the Asian Century, and also recognizing that China is the world's largest Internet market with more the 220 million netizens, eMarketer has released a report showing that we have 500 million Internet users in Asia-Pacific and this number is only growing (see graphic, below and left). The implications for PR, corporate communication, marketing, and advertising are profound.

We want to help the world learn more more about this region and about communicating with its netizens.

This wiki has been collectively created across many class sections exploring social media in Asia. Each sections studies media emergence patterns and how to effectively use social media across the different cultural, political, and regulatory environments. Our methods include interviews with key practitioners or country experts, case studies, data collection from government or industry sources, and first hand experience by engaging the blogosphere in each country. These student teams, dedicated to a single country, have compiled their findings here. There are some informative links and interesting statistics – so please explore the content links below.


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Home - Social Media and PR across Asia
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South Korea Taiwan
Thailand UAE, Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Internet Filtering

Mobile Markets Asia

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Home - Social Media and PR across Asia


Other Links

1. PodCamp Singapore 2007
2. PodCamp Singapore 2008

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