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Using AIM
Get the most out of the AIM® service, whether you use it sparingly or are online all day. Also, learn more about the latest version of AIM, AIM® Mail and AIM Express®.

Frequently Asked Questions
Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the AIM service. Or, did you know that the new AIM has all sorts of tricks up its sleeve?

Change Password
We can help you change your password. Answer a few questions and you'll be all set.

Forgot Password
If you've forgotten your password, it's no big deal. Just answer a few simple questions and we'll get you sending IMs again in no time.

AOL and Freedom Scientific are happy to announce that screen reader support for the latest version of AIM will be available in JAWS 8.0. Please contact Freedom Scientific for more information on JAWS 8.0. AOL does not recommend use of AIM with other screen reader products at this time. Please call your vendor to inquire about plans for supporting AIM. For more information regarding accessibility, please visit the AOL accessibility page.

Security Central
Find out about current security issues and the best ways to handle them. Learn how to protect yourself from viruses, hackers and other issues that threaten the AIM community.

Report a Problem
Help us to make the AIM software even better. Let us know if you find a problem and we'll do our best to resolve it.

Router / Enterprise Users
We recommend that enterprise AIM users, or any users who have seen errors with router configurations, install and use AIM Pro.

See what's going through the minds of the AIM team. We'll keep you posted with new discoveries, our favorite things, and whatever else comes to mind.

AIM Message Boards
Tell us what you think about AIM - everything from our products to our web pages are fair game. Remember, we can't improve them if you don't tell us how you feel.

AIM Beta Board
Find out what's keeping the Beta team busy. They're always working on making a better product - this is your chance to glimpse what's coming out next.

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