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Once upon a time…

In just a decade the Internet’s advances have made the world a better place. At Akoha, we want to take that a step further. With six billion people covering seven continents and five oceans, our planet is the ultimate playground, a place for real people to engage in meaningful interactions.

Akoha was founded by Austin Hill and Alex Eberts, long-time friends and entrepreneurs. After attending the TED Conference in Monterey where the theme was “Ideas Big Enough to Change the World”, and the Sundance Film Festival where some of their friends were discussing movies that could make a difference, the two began a series of conversations about the future of online entertainment. These discussions about the power of online communities and the changing nature of play were the spark that led to Akoha.

Work & Play
@Akoha We Believe

A few simple ideas fuel our vision and guide our team:
Sharing is powerful! Let’s do it more often

We’ve all seen what happens when we share our photos, lists of friends, random thoughts or writing: the simple act of sharing forges new types of communities, interactions, and change. The public nature of sharing on the Internet has brought us open source software, encyclopedic knowledge like Wikipedia, and communities such as Flickr. In fact, sharing has changed most every industry it has touched.
FUN is part of Functional

Today’s software can do more than just get the job done. Our social software experiences can put smiles on people’s faces and add color to their day. “Function meets Fun” is how we believe software should be built. At Akoha, we want to make software that is both functional and fun.
Community is more than a buzzword

At Akoha, community is not only the lifeblood of our company, but also an ongoing dedication to listening and working with our users to create something special.
The power of play can make the world a better place

Large numbers of people playing together online represents more than just a good time; it represents the seeds of change. We believe in the power of play to bridge differences and allow a wide range of diverse people to engage in shared social goals like never before.

Guiding Us
Play it Forward with Us

Playing with others is so much more fun than playing by yourself. The social nature of play and the connectivity of the Internet creates a new platform for social fun. By combining the power of play and the social nature of communities, we dream of new types of play that can both enlighten and uplift players to view the world in novel ways.

We’re excited to explore these ideas further with you. Please take a moment now to sign up for our beta.

Come play with us!

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