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About Accoona


We are an Internet company engaged in three primary business lines - online-based lead generation, online search in the United States, Europe and China, and eCommerce consumer electronics retailing. Our services enable users to find the products, services and information they want, obtain competitive pricing and make informed buying decisions. We use our expertise in technology, marketing and management to support our business lines and create synergies and efficiencies across business lines.

We are organized primarily into the following sectors:

lead generation via our online-based Exchange Place business
search, including our news/business search engine, the Twing community search engine and Buyer'sEdge, our shopping comparison engine
eCommerce consumer retailing

Our History

Founded in February 2004, Accoona Corp.'s mission is to become a leading player in online lead generation, eCommerce and the Chinese Internet industry and further establish its search engine as a source of highly relevant search results. We aim to streamline the online experience and maximize the Internet's potential as both a source of information and a global marketplace. We developed and operate Exchange Place (, the first online marketplace where advertisers can bid for leads across a range of products and services. In 2006, the combined revenues of our eCommerce businesses made us one of the Top 10 consumer direct consumer electronics retailers and one of the Top 60 consumer electronics retailers overall [Source: TWICE Top 100 CE Retailers, May 21, 2007]. We also have developed and operate artificial intelligence driven search engines in the U.S. (, China ( and Europe ( Accoona's search engine was selected among the 50 Coolest Web sites of 2006 [Source: Time Magazine, Aug. 3, 2006]. Accoona has offices in Jersey City and South Plainfield, N.J., and Shanghai, China.


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