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A new 'Corporate' specific micro-blogging / messaging platform like twitter. Worth a try - http://www.yammer.com
Also a TechCrunch 50 Winner.

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  • "Get Satisfaction implemented Yammer yesterday. Already seeing benefits."- Steve Barsh
    • "Congrats to Yammer! We're loving it at SmugMug - already paying $$ for the service and worth every penny."- Don MacAskill
    • "Yammer has increased my ability to manage email by decreasing inner-office email chatter by at least 60 percent." - Craig, MatchStick Web Consulting
    • "Literally within hours the service had proven valuable. Several of our in-house experts were able to chime in and provide input, rather than the discussion being limited to the team members working on the specific project. Even though we have an internal mailing list for similar discussions, the immediacy and conversational nature of Yammer undoubtedly increased participation." - Ben Clinkinbeard, Universal Mind



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