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TWITTER = http://www.twitter.com/waltribeiro
MYSPACE = http://www.myspace.com/littlepesce
LIVE SHOW = http://waltribeiro.net/live
MY MUSIC = http://www.waltribeiro.net/music
REVISION 3 = http://www.revision3beta.com/watch/music/c31dfb1/
YOUTUBE = http://www.youtube.com/waltribeiro

Who are you, and who do you work for? Share a bit of your background.

I teach music lessons on Ustream and Revision 3. I am also The Orchestra Kid.

My Bio:

Walt Ribeiro's in your face teaching style has created an entire community of those interested in music or not. 'The Internet's Music Teacher' has consistently created a fleet of dedicated viewers, and shares his lessons, passion, and knowledge of Music Technology, Guitar, Piano, News, Interviews, and more every day. So how'd this happen?

Walt Ribeiro is inspired by all things, and he cares about music education and those who are interested. "I started doing it because there were no videos on teaching music theory," says Ribeiro, "and if there were, they weren't any good." Making sure he responds to every email and every question he is asked via the website, Ribeiro takes a zen-like approach to sharing his knowledge online: "I feel if you know something, you should pay it forward - in the hope that, one day, someone is able to teach someone else in the way it was given to me." As his lessons started getting passed around, he decided to 'take the leap' in March 2008 and teach the void of music lessons online in a fun, engaging, and informative enviroment all day, every day.

Walt has written full songs with his community, as well as leveraged them together to create neat experiments in music and technology. This kind of interaction, visualization, and dedication is what makes the show and he and won't rest until every student in the world has their music questions answered.

How did you get to where you are and with the company your with?

I did it all alone, so clearly starting out was difficult, but I learned as I went. I work 20 hour days, answer every email, produce great content, and I care. I care about my students, and for those who are in a need for knowledge, and music lessons all around the world. The trick is to remember to be patient and passionate. In any given day I create content, write lesson plans, answer every Ustream, Myspace, Facebook, Digg, Twitter, and email I get. I also get new sponsors, network, update my website, practice, teach, interview, blog, and write new music… everyday.

What is your favorite part about what you do?

The response I get back from people all around the world. One only needs to read all the letters I get to fully understand what's so great about this. I'm in a position to make someone's day, be their friend, help them pass a test, or make them smile.

Where or from whom do you pull inspiration?

I get my inspiration knowing that there's someone out there that needs my knowledge. I teach them in the hope that one day they pay it forward in the way it was given to them.

Who is someone in your profession that you've always looked up to or followed their progress? Why?

My Professor Michael Billingsley. He was someone who directed me even when I was just starting out. There were other musicians who were maybe better than me, or could play faster… but no one studied harder than me, and Professor Billingsley saw that, and helped me out every step of the way. I always remember that, and make sure I carry that characteristic to all those who ned my help.

What is new and exciting that your working on (can talk about) and want to plug?

Working on my Merchandise store at my website ( www.waltribeiro.net ) I also am going to leverage my entire Ustream Channel alongside my Revision 3 channel and other social networking sites and do some very neat interactive projects with my students.

There is a NEW fad tool coming out every day, but reality is it's just building conversations with your customers. It's not a big new secret, remember 5 years ago email was scary. How do you see these tools transforming and helping you and your industry in the future?

As these tools become more mainstream then I'll already have a steady foot planted in them. As the tools change the community still stays the same. The key is to pay attention - both to the community AND the tools. No one knows what's around the corner, but if you pay attention, then you're in a better position than most. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes "You don't have to lie awake nights in order to succeed - just stay awake days"

How can social media boost your marketing and pr?

People's word of mouth today is 20x more than what is was years ago. Today I can connect with 1,000's of people in minutes, and then they'll connect with their friends, etc. That's huge, and the way social media boosts one's PR is by understanding it, and respecting it. Few people still 'get it', but the truth is no amount of PR in the world can replace the power of one's experience with someone. Word of Mouth is the strongest PR out there. Period.

What mistakes should people avoid in social media?

Not caring. Care- because that person that you just helped, emailed, called, or commented on their blog just thought the world of it. The biggest mistake is not caring, and another mistake is not doing or completing. You learn from you mistakes, not your successes - so make mistakes, learn, reach out, and others will reach back.

What are some issues to consider when someone embarks on a social media marketing initiative?

Funding, marketing, community. These are all things that everyone goes through. Too many people concentrate more on their Logo than their message, or their content. Agreed, marketing is important, but social media is a journey, and in that journey are lessons. The only issues to consider when embarking on a journey is whether you're ready for it or not.

Define 'Social Media' in 500 words or less.

Social Media - to me - describes the tools we use in order to connect in Web 2.0 - everything from websites, to apps, etc.

We know each other from twitter, so obviously you use social media, but does your company also use social media?

I am the company, so N/A

How are you/they using it to connect to your customers and leverage social networks to expand your brand's recognition and build a positive reputation?

I'm using Social Media in order to connect to a wider and more direct audience than I could ever connect with in the past. Social Media is important to me, not because I get to connect with people, but because I get to STAY connected with people.

We only hear about how the emerging companies are using social media marketing. Can you give me some examples of your work with the clients. Also, what is that you have been able to achieve for them that you could NOT have achieved without social media marketing?

I'm able to control my own marketing, distribution, manufacturing, copyright, etc. Without social media I may not have had all the opportunities that I've been handed. I've met such amazing people through Twitter and Ustream that mean so much to me. I have leveraged my interactive community in order to write full songs with them, and connect and collaborate with them in ways that weren't possible years ago.

Do you track your name and your companies name? What are some of your favorite reputation management tools and why? If you do not track social media, why? (this includes search twitter-formerly Summize, radian6, etc.)

I search for my name every once in a while, because if someone blogs about me, or mentions me then I try and contact them, or blog about them, or answer their question.

What do you consider "must-have" sites/profiles to establish and why? (this includes micro-blogs, e-vite, schedule organizers, apis, build your own network)

Your own Wordpress Website, Twitter, Ustream, Myspace, Facebook, Digg, Flickr, Tubemogul, and Seesmic. All my music is Creative Commons and Podsafe, and can be found on most Music Social websites, etc.

What companies do you think are doing a great job with social media, or horrible? Tell us one story or a very successful client or your own story that you feel makes online networking worth while. (case study)

The best one from me so far was from a boy who wanted to play guitar for a girl he liked but he didn't know a certain chord. He sent me this email about how no one would help him, etc. So I made a video for him showing how to play it. He wrote back to me: It was his first kiss.

That's the power of social media - using the tools to not only market yourself, but ultimately change a life.

How much time do you think people should spend on social media?

1 hour a day on Social media.. spend the other 19 hours on your community.

How can I write viral content around boring products? For example, if I was a sink company, how would I drive massive traffic and build authority around it?

Sinks aren't boring, the marketing behind them is too. It would depend… is it a flying sink? Is it a sink that is a character in a movie. Does it sing? These are all relative questions.. If its a normal sink then give it an abnormal campaign. Give it a name, a MySpace page, etc.

How has social media impacted you and your company?

Social Media has allowed me to connect with students who need answers, and with whom I would not have otherwise connected with.

What is your favorite networking event that you would recommend to others (either in your field, the field of marketing, or learning sessions for social media. Including sxsw, Podcamp, social media breakfast, MIMA, AdFed, AMA, Blog World, PRSA etc.)

It would depend what your business was. I enjoy New Media and the people involved in it - and I wind up going to tech events rather than music events. The best networking events are the ones who don't feel like a networking event. Like how I go karaoke with the NYC tech scene, and just laugh all night. Whether its Podcamps or SXSW or Blogworld - you learn something from everything, so I would recommend going everywhere and gaining something from everything you do.

What game plan would you recommend to someone just starting with social media?

If I had to pick one I'd choose Phase One. But honestly, I'd choose all three… do it all.


Phase One: Write good, quality content! After strategy signoff, start by participating in the communities. Provide real and useful comments, no spam obviously. Do not try to game this; build your presence online over time. You might benefit looking at the smaller communities, befriend some of the (top) profiles there, and start looking at how you can provide good content for that community. Then, start pushing: "Butter the network," as I call it.

Phase Two: Make your site social media-friendly. No funky popups or hard to read/use sites. Blogs are commonly used, but make sure it's professionally designed. Lately, I've found that authoritative sites can and will do better–and even commercial sites. Think about this: "Where do you want to be sourced from?" Even unique content on a crappy site will not get the respect it deserves.

Phase Three: Continue researching and networking. Continue to build quality content for your own sites and the communities. This can take a long time, but the results are worth it!

What do you consider social media ROI? How do you recommend tracking it?

You get out what you put into it. The ROI is the community and your brand. The ROI isn't only about building yourself up - its about helping your community, and building up those around you.

What makes you and your company unique? What and why should people contact you for your services/products?

I do it every day, and I kept working through the hard times, even when I wasn't sure if it would work out. I'm now 'The Internet's Music Teacher', a new media consultant, successful music composer, and have an entire community. I'm young, and completely aware of web 2.0 and where its been and where its headed. It won't be long until its even more mainstream, I grew up with it, and therefore can leverage it to work for me and those around me.

How can people contact you or your company? (don't answer this if you don't want it included in the article)

Twitter @waltribeiro
Walt's website Contact

Where do you think social media marketing is headed?

No idea, but I'll be there when it happens.



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