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Twitter Pack Project

If someone were joining Twitter today, who might they follow?

Twitter Packs is a place to get a starting idea of who on Twitter posts about what. Come in, look around, add your name where it makes sense, and help out.

LET'S KEEP THINGS OBJECTIVE. Lists that make a value judgment (funny, beautiful, etc) mean that feelings can get hurt. By topic? If someone doesn't want to be in a certain topic, they'll move themselves. It's okay.


* Packs by Topic
* Packs by Location
* Packs by Company
* Packs by Events or Meet-ups
* Packs by Identity

See also: Twitter Pack Map.

Twitter Pack Tools

  • Autopack - Follow or unfollow users based on Twitter Packs.
  • Twitter Tools - Useful Twitter clients, sites and tools for getting the most out of your twitter experience.

Who are you Elsewhere?

Want to link your identity to other platforms, like your blog, facebook, etc?

Add YOUR Twitter Pack here:

What does this mean? It's a BIG list of all the people you are following. Please date it, and name it (your name)-TwitterPack. So if you have a lot of mutual friends or if you are an industry leader people can find who you follow and when!

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