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Why not list what the Twitter user is known for to the right of their Twitter profile link?

example: - CEO of


Please keep entries in alphabetical order.

Apple Pack - Alan Levine CogDogBlog — Blog at — Yohannes Wijaya

Blogger Pack (A-Z) - PR 2.0 and - The Experience is the Product - Alan Levine CogDogBlog - Blogs at Farm Natters, All In Good Health - owner and chief blogger on the Tunnel 7 Blog — Blog at - GettyCash : Blogging tips, making money online and web monetization blog. — Blogging @ Google Tutor — blogging @ Open Parenthesis, Optaros, and Goatless, microblogging/lifestream at - Twitterlights and i-Lighter blogger - blogger on innovation, social media, strategic thinking in an association/non-profit context - on web design, UX, IxD, Government 2.0, free wireless"> — blog"> — Blog @ SharonsShare K-12 education and technology — Blog @ on brand strategy, marketing & web dev - K-12 education and technology - Blog at



CSS Pack - owner and css expert/standards based designer at Tunnel 7

Database Pack

Data Center Technologies Pack

Data Portability

Developer Pack - C#,.NET,SharePoint,SiteCore,Community,TechFests - Sean McCune - Somewhere - Founder of WordPress - Francesco Sullo - PHP Developer & Author of Zoop Framework - Founder of - Mario Olckers - Hogsback Media Networks - WordPress, web development

Flash Pack

Geospatial Pack

Internet Governance - Freedom House's Global Internet Freedom Program - News & developments related to censorship, Internet Governance and freedoms online

iPhone Developer Pack

Legal Tech

Music Technology Pack

Network Security Pack

Open Source, Open Standards, Open Publishing, Open Web — Blog at

(Also check out who Pulse of Open Source follows)

PC Pack

PHP Pack (PHP Abstract Podcast Announcements) (author of The Zoop Framework)

Coldfusion Pack"> - Michael Santoroski - Higher Ed Coldfusion Developer/Webmaster

SEO Pack

SharePoint Pack

Sysadmin Pack - Solaris, Linux, Mac

Tech Focused Pack - Cindy Stanford - Mario Olckers - Hogsback Media Networks - WordPress, web development Spanish-English - Latin America

Technology News Pack

Telecommunications Pack - Cindy Stanford - Dean Terry

Usability and User Experience (UX) Pack - Connecting people who need testers with people who want to test - Cindy Stanford - Warning: Not for the faint of heart! (Jared Spool) - Warning: Do not run with scissors! (John S. Rhodes) - Russell Heimlich - Todd Zaki Warfel - Tom Humbarger, Community Manager for Catalyze Community

Women in Technology - 50 Powerful Females / BlogHerList of female Twitter users, extracted from these two related blogs posts and their reader comments:

Women in Technology by Orli Yakuel on, July 20th, 2008

BlogHer: Who Are Your Favorite Women Bloggers? by Marshall Kirkpatrick on ReadWriteWeb, July 18th, 2008

Twitter Ladies

Women in Technology

Female bloggers Adelle Charles Annalee Newitz"> Beth Kanter Sokari Ekine Ayelett Noff Caterina Fake Cathy Brooks Charlene Li Marjolein Hoekstra Corvida Darla Mack "Jane Sample" Deb Ng Deb Schultz Heather Armstrong Jacqui Cheng Emily Chang Cyndy Aleo-Carreira Liz Gannes Gina Trapani Renee Blodgett Jeneane Sessun Kara Swisher Kathy Johnson Kathy Sierra Katie Fehrenbacher Leah Culver Lisa Bettany Valerie Russo Liz Strauss Lorelle Van Fossen Susan Mellot Tara Hunt Myriam Rosenrib Natali del Conte Jen Consalvo Holly Ross Orli Yakuel Sarah Austin Erin Kotecki Vest Rebecca Watson Shannon Lowe Linda Bustos Sarah Perez Laurel Papworth Sramana Mitra Stephanie Booth Susan Mernit Susan Reynolds Suw Charman Tamar Weinberg Michelle Thorne Maria Webster Wendy Seltzer Xeni Jardin Anastasia Goodstein Danah Boyd Nelly Yusupova

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