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As everyone invovled with the web already knows, Twitter is one of the most popular applications on the net today. Hundreds of thousands of messages are passed into the little 140 character form every day.

So, have you ever wondered how much actually goes on in and around Twitter? Let me introduce you to - A new Analytics service that can will not only tell the overall usage of Twitter, but you can also search for individual users as well.

Overal usage

In it’s current form, TweetRush is a very simple service but gives some interesting data about Twitter usage. The first thing you see upon entering the homepage is a large graph of overall twitter usage per-day. At the time of writing, the amount of tweets are running approximatley 600k per day!

Further down the hompage, you’ll also see a few other interesting stats an hourly breakdown of Tweets, top tweeters, and active Tweeters.

Individual Users

The reason why we added this to The List is obviously the search capability built into the site.

This feature allows you to do a search for individual tweeters based on the username. For example, I did a search for my personal Twitter username (tpeterson) and found that I post on average 1 tweet per day.


Since I’m really not a very heavy user of the system, I thought I would do a search for one of the more popular Tweeter’s out there, Guy Kawasaki. What it returned was three graphs… 1. With his total Tweets for the past week 2. Number of Tweets today by hour 3. Average Tweets per hour.
New Analytics Service

The site appears to be a showcase and primer for the soon to be launched Rush Hour Analytics service. The site is still in a private beta mode, but it might be one to bookmark.


TweetRush is the first site to attempt some visibility into Twitter usage and if you’re like me, you’re always curious. If you’re a big twitter user, I highly recommend adding this to your browser.
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