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Spoink (Spoink.com) is a free social networking and multimedia micro-blogging service that provides telecommunication, online journals, email and social networking services to individuals and businesses. Their flagship product, Spoink Blog, integrates Podcasting, Blogging and Telephony into a single easy to use interface. This service enables anyone to podcast on any phone from anywhere as well as post audio, video, pictures and text via short message service (SMS), instant messaging (IM), email or via a web browser.

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[edit] Origins

Spoink, Inc. was founded in 2007 by industry veteran Erik Bowman. The initial focus was toll free telephony solution that converts voice messages to podcasts. Spoink grew out of a development project with Vertical Answer), a Hosted PBX company located in Redondo Beach, CA. This project quickly took on a life of its own during alpha testing as enhancements were suggested by users that were implemented. These enhancements included support for micro-blogging as well as audio, video and picture hosting. Support for submissions via instant message, email, SMS, MMS and direct web posts were then added and over a 3 month private beta process additional refinements were implemented. On May 15, 2008 the public beta was released to the general public.

[edit] Trademark Status

Spoink has been a registered trademark[2] since September 11, 2007

[edit] Features

Multimedia posts (Audio, Video, Pictures) can be made via Web Interface, Email, MMS and Toll Free call from most telphones.

Text posts can be up to 500 characters (nearly 100 words) and can be made via Web Interface, Email, Instant Message and SMS. Limitations on text post size is dictated by your IM or Mobile Carrier.

[edit] Current File Formats

For a complete list of Spoink supported file formats see File Format List

[edit] Tips and Tricks

You can use any telephone to create a podcast. Under Settings -> My Phone Numbers add all the phone numbers that you will be calling from (be sure check the activate check box before saving). Then you can call their toll free number (888) 8-SPOINK and press 1. Start speaking or hold your phone in the direction of the audio you wish to record. When you are done, hang up. Your podcast will be inserted into your account within 1 to 2 minutes.

UPDATE: If you send an email to moc.kniops|golb#moc.kniops|golb within 5 minutes of recording your podcast, the email text (and attached picture or video clip) will be added to your podcast. The text is limited to 140 500 characters.

[edit] References

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