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Company/Website about bandwidth? cost? open-source? tags? search able? support? customizable?
(exemples) Click here (hi/lo) (free/fee) (yes/no) (yes/no) (yes/no) (yes/no) (yes/no)
Facebook Learn More > high free yes yes yes yes no
bebo Learn More > high free yes yes yes yes no
Smynx Learn More > high free yes yes yes yes no
MySpace Learn More > high free yes yes yes yes no
Facebook example high free
friendster example high free
friendwise example high free
Alibaba (global trade) example high free
Open Social example n/a free
Beehive (IBM) example n/a n/a
stage6 example low free
bolt example medium free example high free
GoFish example medium free
cnosumating example medium free
myopen id example n/a free example n/a free
blogcatalog example n/a free example n/a free example medium free
twine example high free
petecashmore example n/a free
lunchn example medium free
bebo example high free
Xanga example high free
Spock example high free
LiveSpaces example high free
hi5 example high free
squidoo example medium free
wink example low free
kinja example low free
tailrank example low free
ning example medium free
virb example medium free
spokeo example medium free example medium free example low free
Blue Shirt Natino (Best Buy) example n/a n/a
Many-Eyes (private IBM) example n/a n/a
othersnoline example low free
friendster example high free
tickme example medium free
orkut example high free
standpoint example medium free
meetup example medium free
Mobango example medium free
43things example high free
43people example high free
43places example high free
efamilyties example low free
9rules example low free example low free
jot example medium free
spinspy example medium free example high free
meebo example high free
slawsome example low free
rollyo example low free
cork'd example medium free
quimble example medium free
stockscripts example medium free
totspot example n/a (new) free
dnhour example low free
hugg (green community) example low free
linkedin example high free
Myspace example high free
savvy auntie example medium free
orkut example medium-high free
bloggoggle (network of bloggers) example medium free
couch surfing (travel network) example medium free
Zloop example medium free
tagged example medium-high free
roost for realtors Learn More>
Glof Grouper Learn more>
  • 43 Things - A tagging based social networking site. Users create accounts and list a number of goals or hopes and these are parsed based on similarity to goals of other users.
  • - Amitize is a worldwide friendship network.
  • aSmallWorld - aSmallWorld is a private online community designed for individuals who would like to connect, re-connect to share similar thoughts with each other.
  • Badoo.Com - Badoo is a dynamic multi-lingual social networking site with innovative photo and video features that allows its users worldwide to gain an instant mass audience and interact both locally and globally.
  • Bebo - Bebo is a hugely popular site (especially in the UK), and similar in philosophy to MySpace. It allows users to communicate with their friends in multiple ways including blogging, sending messages and posting pictures.
  • Eons - An online gathering place for the elderly; most of the users are over the age of 50 years.
  • - Facebook is a social networking phenomenon connection people with their friends, family and other users with similar interests.
  • FaceSpace
  • Faceparty - A UK based community social networking website. It started for youngsters but has now risen to popularity among all age groups.
  • Flingr - Flingr allows users to connect with all categories of friends – colleagues, college mates and school buddies.
  • Friendster - It is a popular global social network for finding new friends and developing friendships as well as searching old friends.
  • hi5 - Hi5 is a prominent social networking service in India with over 40 million users. However, Hi5 has recently experienced an upsurge beyond India and has shown increasing popularity in EU too.
  • Lovento - Lovento allows you to discover news friends and also find information about latest events.
  • - Multiply is a social networking website providing easy way to share digital media Writers-Strike-Hurts-LA-Economy which includes photos, videos and music.
  • Mycool - Mycool enables members to find and share their interests with special groups.
  • - MySpace is an interactive social networking website consisting of personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos. It’s currently the biggest social networking site out there, and while it might not be the most advanced one, the users seem to love its simplicity.
  • - A comprehensive social networking site enabling users to make new online friends and discover old ones.
  • Jambo: social networking
  • Jyve: skype networking and tools
  • Kaneva: social networking service
  • Konnects: make connections]]]: locally, internationally, in your industry
  • Meetup: localized interest group meeting
  • MyMapSpace: social networking site with maps
  • Orkut: social networking
  • RecruiterRockStar: talent generator and social network for candidates and recruiters
  • ShoutCentral: social networking site; blogs, photos and fun
  • TagWorld: social networking + blog + music + storage
  • The Well: uninhibited, intelligent, and iconoclastic
  • XING: business social networking; powers relationships for the world’s business professionals
  • Ziki: social networking site
  • Netlog - A social community of more than 20 million young Europeans.
  • Orkut - Orkut is a social networking service owned by Google. It enables users to meet new friends and create communities.
  • Passado - Passado is Europe’s no.1 re-union website connecting members with friends from school to workplace.
  • Piczo - Piczo Piczo offers safe social networking environment to youngster around the world. Piczo users can design their personal website with photos, videos etc. and share it with their friends.
  • Plazes - A social networking website for connecting with local users.
  • - Pownce is a mix of social networking and microblogging. It enables users to send messages, files, events and links with each other.
  • - A UK based social networking site for teenagers.
  • - A leading online service for discovering old friends, classmates and family members.
  • - Vox is a social blogging service where users share their ideas, photos, videos with family and friends.
  • Xanga - Xanga is one of the biggest social networking platforms with features of sharing photos, photos and videos.
  • XuQa - An online college social networking site with poker gaming features.


Hobbies & Interests

  • - It is social networking community for sports and action. The features of the website are profiles of users with photographs and videos, reviews of products and job discussion boards.
  • Arts community - Arts community provides a dynamic community experience by providing extensive listing of exhibitions, events and openings.
  • BeGreen - BeGreen is a community that aims to generate environmental awareness for users.
  • beRecruited - beRecruited is a dedicated online community for sportpersons and coaches.
  • BottleTalk - BottleTalk is a wine lover’s community making it easy for members to share their drinking experiences.
  • CarGurus - An automobile community website enabling users to post car reviews, photos and share opinions.
  • Change - Change is a nonprofit social networking website that connects like minded users and allows them to exchange information.
  • ChangingThePresent - A nonprofit fund raising community with membership of over 400 nonprofits.
  • ChickAdvisor - ChickAdvisor is a sharing community for women users.
  • CircleUp - CircleUp is one of the best community website connecting users to groups, clubs for knowledge sharing, information exchange.
  • Coastr - Coastr connects beer lovers with each other.
  • ColShare - ColShare is a community for people who have hobby of collecting items like coins, stamps etc.
  • coRank - A rating community for users to share interesting information on internet.
  • DailyStrength - A huge community of over 500 groups dealing with health issues and various medical challenges.
  • Dundoo - Dundoo enables users to create image collages out of social networking profile. A big amount of ads on the site somewhat diminishes the overall impression.
  • Flixster - Flixster is a community for movie lovers.
  • FuelEmpire - FuelEmpire brings automobile enthusiasts together at one place.
  • GirlSense - A community for girls to promote their fashion designs & creations.
  • Greenvoice - An online networking platform for people who are conscious about the environment, who want to inform each other on environmental issues and create a difference.
  • iYomu - iYomu is an adult social networking website and it allows users to search for site members who have similar interests or for business needs.
  • Motortopia - Motortopia is community for automobile lovers. It consists of passionate lovers of bikes, planes, cars and boats etc.
  • MyCatSpace - MyCatSpace is a community for lovers of cats passionate to share experiences of their cats with others.
  • MyDogSpace - MyDogSpace users can share their dog pictures, write blog posts about dogs and communicate with other dog lovers, all in a very lovely community.
  • Uniteddogs - A social networking website for dog owners. The dog owners can creae profiles of their dogs, create blogs and share their thoughts.
  • vSocial - vSocial is a video based social networking platform allowing content owners, site operators to deliver the message online with video.

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