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October 29th, 2006 by Chris Heuer

There is a lot more still to be added here. In the meantime, please check the hRelease Wiki for more details.

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on 12 Jul 2007 at 5:35 pm Nicky


I’m a regular reader of your informative web site. I would like to suggest a new service named CoReap ( ) for review on your blog, which I found very interesting and worth sharing.

From their web site:

CoReap ( ), is a social search and bookmarking add-on for your web browser. If you bookmark web sites and web pages on a regular basis, or do team research on the web, then CoReap is just the tool for you! CoReap helps you find and bookmark websites of interest, and share them with your friends, from anywhere, anytime!

With CoReap, you can not only manage your bookmarks online, but since CoReap seamlessly integrates with existing web search platforms like Google and Yahoo, bookmarks shared in your social search network are displayed alongside the web search results.

Keep up the good work!

Cheers :)

on 24 Sep 2007 at 4:57 pm Scopical News/Data

As a blogger we’d like to give you the scoop on the launch of our latest up to the minute news and media portal. We’ve called it Scopical and because your a blogger we think you’ll find it a bit different. Scopical is a breaking source of news, media and analysis. Our content forms span textual, image and rich media and we draw this from a wide variety of providers including agencies, news pro’s, syndicators, bloggers and individuals everywhere.

The difference is our portal provides the tools and interactivity to add and submit the latest breaking news, media or analysis - be it text, an image or beginning November, video and audio content, it can be on Scopical. The best bit however is that Scopical will be the first company in Australia to offer a real financial return for anyone adding relevant news and media content. That means quality media of up to the minute news including image and video/audio content as well as reviews and opinion in text can earn a real return. We’re serious about news too, so serious that we have our own team of text/copy producers and feeds with larger news agencies throughout Australia. But, odds are as a blogger or freelancer, you, or someone you know will be there when it happens - we’re now giving everyone the tools to add and earn with Scopical and deliver the latest and most relevant news media in the country.

You can start adding your own quality content right now and if it fits with the national news, media or analysis outlook, we’ll publish it. Or, beginning November* when things really ramp up, we’ll give back up to 50% of our revenue to you! It’s easy, for text we’ll give back 25% of a pages revenue - if you add an image, video or audio that figure becomes 50% of a pages revenue. If you don’t want to write and just want others to use your image or media, no problem, add it to Stream our image and media portal, and if it gets used, the same applies - simple! You retain all copyright and you’re free to publish it anywhere, anytime.

We wont keep you much longer, but we’d be keen to see you and anyone you know giving Scopical a go! Our coverage is wide, from National and World News to Business&Finance, Sport, Politics, Tech/Media and Entertainment, we’ve got it. We’re balanced, objective and up to the minute when you need it. So if its news, reviews, photo and image or the latest in video and audio, if you’ve got it, we’ve got it, and we’ll deliver it with a return to you.

Tell someone - Make a switch and begin at

All the best!
Scopical News/Data Team.

Scopical News/Data
Phone: (+612) 8875-7762
Fax: (+612) 8875-7878
Email: moc.lacipocs|swen#moc.lacipocs|swen

*Starting November and subject to advertising support
**We made contact with you because we recognised your blog and thought you might be interested to know of our launch. Dont fret, you’re not on a list and we’ll never email you again! On the flip-side though, you can register here:
on 20 Nov 2007 at 7:43 am kanth

hi sir,

u blog is very nice.
on 28 Apr 2008 at 9:50 pm Alex Olson


I am not sure if I sent you this message yesterday - but I have been doing some research on social media and the sites they cover. I am the co-founder of a social network dedicated to movies and movie lovers. Though we have only been around for a short period of time (aug ‘07), we have made quite a splash with some of the major social networking news site. Recently, named FilmCrave the best niche based social network.

For more news and blog coverage, please look at
For the site itself visit

I look forward to hearing you and your thoughts about our site….

Thank you for your time,
Alex Olson
“Best Niche Social Network” Judge’s Choice -

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