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Shyftr stands for Share Your Feeds Together. A feed, or RSS (really simple syndication), is a way for content providers to push news content, blogs, podcasts, photo streams, and other content directly to you as it becomes available. Think of RSS like web site updates that inform you once the content is published; when a content provider makes changes to a particular section or topic on their site, you will receive notification through Shyftr — no matter what computer you're using. Thousands of your favorite sites, from blogs to news sources to gossip pages, already use RSS for updating overall site changes and topic-specific updates (like the "entertainment" page on your favorite news site).

What sets Shyftr apart is how we uniquely tie together RSS and social networking. We've built a networking community solely focused on feeds. Feeds have traditionally been cumbersome to find. For the most part users have had to scour the Internet in search of feeds that interest them. Now you can find feeds by searching content brought directly to you through the Shyftr network, as well as feeds that other users follow by viewing their feed list. Do you like feeds that your friends or other users are following? It's simple to "shyft" a feed and add to your list of content you read on a daily basis.

Shyftr was founded in 2006 by Upshot Interactive, Inc, with offices based in New York City.

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