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Shutterfly is an Internet-based social expression and personal publishing service. Founded in 1999, Shutterfly, Inc. provides products and services that make it convenient for consumers to preserve their digital photos in a creative manner. Shutterfly's flagship product is its Photo Book line. The Company has more than 1.5 billion images stored in its digital archive.

The company launched a new tool, Share Sites, in August 2008. The new tools allows users to create public Web pages from their photos stored on Shutterfly. Like other social networking sites, users can invite others to view their Shutterfly Share sites that include comment forums, photo books and links to YouTube videos. Shutterfly also plans to allow users to post photos on blogs or social networks in late 2008. [1]

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1. ^ Stone, Brad (2008-08-12). ""Shutterfly Finally Gives Photos Wings"". New York Times. Retrieved on 2008-08-12.

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