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We’ve made it easy to access and manage your favorite feeds. Whether you’re an experienced power user or an RSS newbie, our FAQ support page will help you get started, learn to use our product and resolve common issues.

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RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” It’s a family of information formats used by popular web sites to distribute frequently updated content. These include news headlines, blog entries, weather updates, photos and podcasts for example. In fact, if you can find it on a web site, chances are you can get it over RSS. It’s a great way to get fresh content whenever it’s updated.

An RSS document is called a “feed” or a “channel.” These contain either a short summary of the content or sometimes the full text. RSS is pushed out to the user so they can keep up with their favorite sites without having to go hunting for it. In a sense, RSS brings your favorite information to you, rather than you going to the information. SendMeRSS will check your subscribed feeds regularly for new content and mail you any updates that it finds.

SendMeRSS makes reading these feeds fast and easy. You can subscribe to your favorites by entering the content's link into our site. Or, if you see the familiar RSS icon RSS Icon on your favorite web site, you can click to initiate the subscription process.

If you're interested in learning more about RSS, we suggest you watch a fun short video called “RSS in Plain English” created by Lee and Sachi LeFever. It’s a whimsical home-made video that explains the concept of RSS in less than four minutes flat.

Really want more? For a deeper look into the history of RSS and the cool technology that makes it tick, check out this page on Wikipedia or visit our friends at the official RSS Advisory Board.

Do you write a blog? Then use our custom SendMeRSS subscription widget to attract and retain readers. Our widget is designed to work on all standard blog page layouts and allows you to provide RSS feeds to your audience. Enter your feed address below to generate the html code needed to add this exciting feature to your own blog today.
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Our official SendMeRSS blog

is a great place for the community to share ideas and keep up to date on our progress. Each week we’ll be adding fresh commentary and RSS tips we think you’ll enjoy. Our blog will help you get the most out of SendMeRSS.
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We’re web users just like you. We’ve tried all sorts of different RSS-to-email gateways and discovered that they pretty much didn't work or were too confusing to configure. We realized a lot of people were missing out on the exciting world of RSS simply because the process was never made easy.

We founded SendMeRSS

on the idea that accessing RSS feeds can be intuitive and fun. Our goal was to create a tool that would appeal not only to those who are technically savvy, but to the broader audience of general web users as well.

Our development team is guided by the notion that being simple is being smart. SendMeRSS is a new web product that makes reading RSS feeds as easy as reading email. That’s because we help you organize and send your favorite feeds straight to your mailbox without the hassle of special readers or unfriendly software. We’re easy.

After just a few months, SendMeRSS has already become a run-away surprise hit. We now have over 50,000 users with over 100,000 subscriptions that are growing every day. And we have you to thank for our success. Our site could not have been possible without the helpful contributions from the community of passionate users and beta testers. If you have any comments or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. Please drop us an email as we welcome your input.

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