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Social Media Mapping (SMM):

Social Media Mapping is an essential part of a comprehensive social media brand monitoring and engagement solution. With mapping we can set the benchmark for a client’s social media campaign and gain an in-depth understanding of the ever evolving social media landscape and the conversations happening online related to the brand.

Given specified subject matter and time-period parameters, we will collect and analyze all relevant and available consumer generated media (CGM) content, processes it, and generate a set of data and visualizations to provide a clear analysis of discussion surrounding your brand and your competitors.

At Risdall, we map brand, topic and keyword mentions in communities, message boards, consumer review sites, forums, blogs and social networks. The SMM is not just data, it delivers insights into brands, markets, consumers, and trends. It identifies "peaks of passion" in online conversations to better understand customer motivations.

The Social Media Map Report Includes:

* Topics/keywords research
* SMM overview, findings and recommendations
* Target market profiling
* Topic ecosystem and statistical summary
* Post, author and site impact analysis
* Authoritative influence and sentiment reports for the top authors and sites
* Comprehensive topic ecosystem maps
* Share of voice
* Competitive landscape


* Reduces uncertainty
* Focuses resources
* Determines measurable success criteria



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