"Relational Aesthetics of the Social Network of Attending Ar

"Relational Aesthetics of the Social Network of Attending Artists" by Joe Kirschling

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"Relational Aesthetics of the Social Network of Attending Artists" by Joe Kirschling. Appeared at the "3 Degrees of Francis Bacon" show at the Milwaukee Art Museum on Friday, March 23, 2007 in conjunction with Cedarblock.

Each artist in the show submitted an object or icon of personal relevance to represent themselves on the grid. Also the artists were given envelopes to be placed near their name plate where their art pieces were hung and a stack of cards bearing their number.

For the first hour of the event, participating artists were encouraged to drop their number cards in the envelopes of other participating artists that they knew or were friends with. Then the envelopes were collected and the data entered into graphing software to produce a diagram of the social network interconnections of the artists that participated in the show.

My icon is the calculator watch displayed in the upper right corner.



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