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Sixent Enterprise from Ramius is a social networking platform built for business. It empowers your customers, partners and employees to communicate and work together to deliver real business results.

Sixent Enterprise takes the best Web 2.0 technologies - blogs, communities, profiles, tagging and more - and integrates them into a branded, secure environment structured to get your audience connecting and collaborating effortlessly.

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  • Hosted, white label offering to mirror your brand
    • Integrated suite of Web 2.0 tools: profiles, blogs, social bookmarking, tagging and more
    • Collaborative groups for community sharing and productivity
    • Delivers enterprise security, control and reporting

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  • Increase loyalty and generate demand
    • Improve support
    • Drive innovation
    • Boost productivity and performance
    • Reduce time-to-market

Flexible pricing and support options to meet and grow with your business needs.

Information on Sixent Enterprise pricing will be available soon. For pricing details, please contact us.
Support Packages

We understand you are looking for more than just a response to your service request. You want to know that it's being handled as fast as possible with the highest quality. What's more, you need to know when an issue is going to be resolved.

Each of our four Customer Support Plans are designed to deliver these high levels of customer service. The only difference is in the type and amount of live assistance you require.




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