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Posted: 02 Nov 2008 10:35 AM PST

Personal Chef To Go I can’t remember who reached out to me about Personal Chef To Go, a place where you can order fresh gourmet cooking and have it sent to your house to eat when you’re ready, but boy am I grateful. Chef Gene Castelluccio and Chef Blair Grossman have sent me a sampling of meals for the family. As I’m typing this, a grilled chicken and broccoli pasta bake is coming out of the microwave, and four dinner rolls are just about ready to pop back out of the oven.

The directions were simple: put the meal in the microwave and the bread in the oven. My house smells like a four star restaurant already.

The website, has three different categories of dining: busy singles, couples on the go, and family favorites. This obviously plays to portions, but also the kind of food you can order. The family meals were a lot more likely to appeal to your children’s tastebuds as well as yours. The menu changes every week, by the way. If you’re not 100% sold on a particular week, wait and see what comes up next time.

personal chef website The pricing is kept fairly simple, too. Our meals were a “half order” which consisted of two portions of four meals (or 8 dinners in all), which cost $85 for the food, plus $12.75 for FedEx. So, just shy of $100 for 8 humans worth of food (shipping included). $12 a head, all in for the efforts of award winning chefs? Cool!


The Food

I’m munching the dinner roll, which came out crispy on the outside and doughy inside, with just a taste of brown sugar maybe? (Don’t know, but it’s delicious.) The pasta dish was delightful. It’s clearly family-friendly as the spices aren’t over-stated, and the chicken is just perfect. The broccoli was fresh. NOTHING about this meal felt like eating a frozen dinner. It’s delicious, fresh, and wonderful.

As we’re going into a time where people might not be eating out as often, and where budgets have to stretch a bit, families and couples might be able to use something like this service as an alternative to dining in a restaurant. Because it’s so easy, because I can order it online, and because it’s probably a savings over my typical restaurant bill for two adults and one kid, I think I’m going to let two chefs cook for my once a month.

About The Review

Personal Chef To Go sent me this food to see what I thought, but sure didn’t pay for my recommendation. What I like about this model: finding bloggers who might be willing to try something and share their experience, is that, provided the blogger discloses the relationship, and especially if the blogger decides a product or service isn’t worth it, or otherwise is willing/free to give a negative review.

What’s your take on that?

As for the food, I’m excited that I have three more meals from Personal Chef To Go in my fridge still.



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