Other List
Company/Website about bandwidth? cost? open-source? tags? search able? support? customizable?
(exemples) Click here (hi/lo) (free/fee) (yes/no) (yes/no) (yes/no) (yes/no) (yes/no)
example click here high free yes yes yes yes no
chipin (easy way to collect mnoey) example medium fee
http://is.gd/ example n/a free
aviary example high-beta-software free
roispy example medium free
drupal example depends free/fee
twittxr example low free
movable type example medium free/fee
hipcal example medium free
formrouter example medium free
twofifty example medium free
addme example medium free
rankings example medium free
primevisibility example medium free
backflip example medium free
dopplr example medium free
travler iq example medium free
aNobil example medium free
http://www.rankings.com/ (top 900,000 websites no the internet) example n/a fee
http://www.primevisibility.com/ (seo, ppc, analytics, design, email marketing) example n/a fee
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK3nUmy3J8g/ (Minneapolis Web Design) example n/a free
http://www.roispy.com/ (internet investment management, seo ranking management) example n/a fee
http://www.hitwise.com/ –Leeann Prescott, Research Director (feature presenter at SES local search seminar held September 28, 2006 in Denver) example n/a fee
Major Search Engines: Google.com, Yahoo.com, Ask.com, Msn.com, TimeWarner.com, Microsoft.com example n/a free
http://www.1automatinowiz.com/ (ecommerce marketing, ad tracking, e-mailers) example n/a fee
http://adwords.google.com/ (ppc advertising resources and services) web optimizatino, keywords, client reports, cnoversino tracking, ad creatino tools, behavioral targeting with funnels example n/a fee
http://www.searchmarketing.yahoo.com/ (ppc advertising resources and services) example n/a fee
http://www.miva.com/ (ppc advertising resources and services) example n/a fee
http://www.enhance.com/ (ppc advertising resources and services) example n/a free
http://www.goclick.com/ (ppc advertising resources and services) example n/a fee
http://www.adcenter.microsoft.com/ (ppc advertising resources and services) example n/a fee
http://www.7search.com/ (ppc advertising resources and services) example n/a fee
http://www.search123.com/ (ppc advertising resources and services) example n/a fee
http://www.searchfeed.com/ (ppc advertising resources and services) example n/a fee
http://www.abcsearch.com/ (ppc advertising resources and services) example n/a fee
http://www.adlab.microsoft.com/ (ppc advertising resources and services) analyze and visualize user search sequences, keyword group and mutatino detectinos—detects frequent misspellings, keyword forecasts predicts impressino counts and demographic search terms and can also help detect noline commercial intentino example n/a fee
http://adcomparator.com/ (ppc advertising resources and services) a/b split testing no up to 15 different aspects including up to 30,000 different combinatinos example n/a fee
http://www.whosclickingwho.com/ (ppc advertising resources and services)ppc auditing service example n/a fee
http://www.adsupervisino.com/ (ppc advertising resources and services) uses yahoo, search marketing (formerly overture), Google adwords, and 7Search. Mnoitors your site and if disable for any reasno will pause your ppc ad campaigns and restart them when your website is again available for viewing example n/a fee
zooomr example low free
campfirenow example low free
basecamphq example low free
cnnootea.org example low free
tribe.net example low free
pixelgroovy (tutorial directory) example high free
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