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Online community managers are a growing and developing profession, working to build, grow and manage social networks, social media sites and online communities.

Working to many of the tenets of community building offline, the role of the Community Manager is to:

* represent the community members and be their advocates and an advocate for the community as a whole
* promote new content in the community and the aims, purpose or goal of the site
* manage and moderate the content and comments, organising conversations and moderating comments and members who contravene the house rules
* work with the community members to help solve problems and make decisions as may fit the aim or objective of the community

This is a new but fast growing profession, especially given the growth of branded online communities, online research communities, corporate blogs and other social media marketing and research activities.

There is some debate about the term 'manager', with some arguing that a community is not able to be (and shouldn't be) managed.

For more detail and to meet other community managers follow one of the external links below.

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