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Mobatalk Relaunches as Video for Twitter

Posted: 27 Sep 2008 01:18 PM PDT


mobatalk Michael Bailey is deep into alpha testing of MobaTalk, which he’s calling “video for Twitter.” It lets you record up to two minutes of video and post it to Twitter, to iTunes, as an embed on a site, and I’m sure that I forgot a few other places that it goes.

I’ve seen some of Michael’s testing via his blog. It’s looking very promising. His side-by-side comparison was interesting, too. I’m not sure how one begs to get into the testing with it early, but folks interested in video should pay attention. Michael did a great job a few years back with the MyChingo audio commenting system, which used to be the rage on all the podcast blogs. I think he’s got a great tool here that can be used commercially or for conversation, or as part of your existing video presentation.


What do you think? Swing by MobaTalk to see the video in action.



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