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Official MIMA 2008 Video

About The MIMA Summit


Mutual symbiosis. Sounds like scientist talk, right? Well, it is. It's a fancy way to say "win-win situation."

Today, mutualism is the name of the online game. Thanks to forums, blogs and social networks, web marketers and users can feed off—and into—one another's worlds like never before. It's cheap, deep communication. And everyone stands to gain.

In this spirit, MIMA welcomes you to the FEED. Our media channel. Get the best of what's out there in one spot. Local. National. Worldwide. All right here, right now.

Learn more about the FEED, and how to connect better, faster, smarter at the 2008 MIMA Summit. Top-notch speakers. Smart conversation. It's going to be big.


Over the past seven years the Summit has grown to become the premier interactive marketing event in the Midwest, attracting professionals from all disciplines of design, media, promotions, content development, product development, publishing, marketing, usability and experience design. If interactive marketing is part of your job, this is the place to be.
2008 MIMA Summit

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
7:45 am to 7:30 pm
The Depot

225 3rd Avenue South
(3rd and Washington Avenues)
Downtown Minneapolis

Get directions to the Depot

About MIMA

Founded in 1998, the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA) is a networking and professional development forum for interactive marketing professionals.

MIMA 10-year timeline

At MIMA, we connect, educate and partner with our members and guests to elevate the quality of interactive marketing practiced here and around the country. Our salons, seminars and annual Summit showcase speakers and topics that not only have practical relevance for our daily work, but also inspire and motivate on a higher level.

That said, we're not your average, gotta-have-something-on-my-resume club. We keep it real with events that challenge the status quo. We bring the interactive community together over issues that matter.

Visit the MIMA Site


Full schedule to be announced soon

7:30 - 8:15 a.m.

Registration & Continental Breakfast

8:15 - 8:30 a.m.

Welcome by Matt Wilson, MIMA president

8:30 - 9:30 a.m.

Morning Keynote Speaker: Rebecca Lieb, Editorial consultant and former Editor-in-Chief for the ClickZ Network

9:45 - 10:45 a.m.

Breakout sessions: Deep Dive Discussion Series

11:00 - 12:00 p.m.

Breakout sessions: Tactical Approach Series

12:15 - 1:00 p.m.


1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Afternoon Keynote Speaker: Ze Frank, Online performance artist, humorist and composer

2:15 - 3:15 p.m.

Breakout sessions: "What's Now and Next" Series

3:30 - 4:30 p.m.

Breakout sessions: Case Study Series

4:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Happy hour with Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal
Morning Keynote Presentation: Rebecca Lieb
The Decline of Advertising & the Creative Renaissance

Ever wonder why digital agencies are so rarely called "advertising" agencies? With increased consumer adoption of digital media and the subsequent decline of traditional media consumption, advertising models are shifting toward marketing models. This presents new challenges — and great opportunities — to digital marketers. Where are the opportunities to embrace, and the pitfalls to avoid? Where and how will you fit in this Brave New Digital World?
Afternoon Keynote Presentation: Ze Frank

What Conversation?

The web has ushered in a marvelously social era. Audiences can talk to brands, brands can talk to audiences: finally we can have that long, deep, heart to heart chat we've been meaning to have for years. But what do these conversations look like? Review technologies, comments and participatory platforms of all kinds have facilitated the audience voice, but in what ways can brands talk back? What is the actual value of participation if so much of it is below what is expected? And do we need to learn a new language each time a new social platform emerges? Ze Frank will attempt to avoid some of these difficult and important questions as he talks about his experiences creating online environments in which participants gather, create, collaborate and play, including zefrank.com, "the show with zefrank" and colorwars2008. It will be your job to keep him on track.



The 2008 MIMA Summit will be held at The Depot, located at 225 3rd Ave. S. in downtown Minneapolis.

FROM NORTH: Take 35W South to Highway 280 South. Follow Highway 280 South to 94 West. Take 94 West to the 5th Street exit. At the bottom of the exit, veer to the left and proceed around the Metrodome. Take a right onto 5th Avenue and proceed to Washington Avenue. Cross Washington Avenue and turn left into our parking ramp.

FROM SOUTH: Take 35W North to downtown exits on left. Take 5th Avenue exit. Go straight on 5th Avenue nine blocks to Washington Avenue. Cross Washington Avenue and turn left into our parking ramp.

FROM EAST: Take 94 West to the 5th Street exit. At the bottom of the exit, veer to the left and proceed around the Metrodome. Take a right onto 5th Avenue and proceed to Washington Avenue. Cross Washington Avenue and turn left into our parking ramp.

FROM WEST (Via 94): Take 94 East to the 4th Street exit. Follow 4th Street to 5th Avenue South and turn left. Follow to Washington Avenue. Cross Washington Avenue and turn left into our parking ramp.

FROM WEST (Via 394): Take 394 East to Washington Avenue. Turn right on Washington Avenue to 5th Avenue South and turn left. Turn left into our parking ramp.

LIGHT RAIL: From the Airport or Mall of America, exit at the Government Plaza Station on 5th St. and go right on 3rd Ave. S., three blocks to Washington Ave. The Depot is on 3rd and Washington. From The Depot Hotel to Light rail station take 3rd Ave. S. three blocks north to 5th St. Take a left 1/2 block to the Government Plaza Station. Light Rail fares are $1.50 for off-peak and $2 during rush hours.

The 2008 Summit is going to be big.

Not too big, though. This year we've cut the fat - and our guest list. (Hello, more face time with interactive superstars. Goodbye, buffet lines.)

So if you want to get a spot, you'd better register now.
Early Bird Pricing:
(now through Friday, September 12, 2008)

Students: $75

Conference: $295
Conference + Pre-Summit Reception: $340

Conference: $490
Conference + Pre-Summit Reception: $535
Corporate tables: $3,000

Regular Pricing:
(Saturday, September 12 - Friday, September 26, 2008)

Students: $85

Conference: $345
Conference + Pre-Summit Reception: $390

Conference: $540
Conference + Pre-Summit Reception: $585
Corporate tables: $3,500
Pre-Summit Reception

The night before the Summit you now have a chance to schmooze the speakers, sponsors, and other local and national VIP's at our Pre-Summit reception. Join us on Tuesday, September 30, at 7:30 p.m. at Walker Art Center. Space is limited. Watch your email for more details.
About Corporate Tables

Want to bring friends, clients, vendors or employees with you to the Summit? Purchase a reserved corporate table that seats 10 people, and all of your guests will be processed at our member rate. You will also receive a table tent with your company logo on your table, and an acknowledgement of your support on the Summit sitelet and in the event program. After you purchase your table, visit our media room to download an e-vite template that you can customize and send to your 10 guests.
Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received before Friday, September 26, 2008 will receive a 50% refund and should be submitted to gro.amim|ofni#gro.amim|ofni. No refunds for cancellations after noon CST on Friday, September 26, 2008.
Group Ticket Sales

Contact the MIMA office at (651) 999-5354 or info@mima.org

Group info. update

Happy Hour Ideas:

One of the highlights of the Summit each year is the "Gage Sponsored Happy Hour." I branded the name a couple years back and it seems to have stuck (for me, at least). Somehow the "ACME Interactive Toilet Stall" didn't create nearly as much buzz around the event. Go figure.

Basically, sponsoring the Summit Happy Hour was a way to get my employer to buy everyone booze. You can thank me later. I think a lot of people have a perception that Interactive media folks like us are all alcoholics. I disagree. I prefer to to say we're "drinkers."

Aside from the drinking portion of Happy Hour, I wanted to reach out to the Facebook group and see if anyone had ideas on fun and interactive games we could play during this part of the day (or just things we could add to happy hour). We have a few in mind, but nothing set in stone yet. As Social Media Chair of MIMA, I've given myself the task of coming up with some fun things to introduce to the evening programming.

Now that I think of it, being Social Media Chair of MIMA is probably the same as the Social Chair at a Fraternity. I'm not sure if I should be happy about that or not. But, as "Social Chair" I would like to declare MIMA a hazing free zone.

Membership Update:

Like the Summit Countdown (tm), the membership countdown (or count-up) has also begun. A couple months ago Ben Wallace, our Membership Chair, set an ambitious goal for MIMA to grow to 1,000 members. As of 30 seconds ago (or, an hour ago when I started the email), we just reached 990 (strike that, 994).

That's an incredible number and shows the strength of the Twin Cities market for interactive talent. We also have 700 members in our Facebook group and 200 members following our Twitter feed (@mima08) . I think we can do better on all fronts. Then again, I'm a little crazy and view all those numbers as people that are forced to read my rants each week. Let's spread the word and get those numbers up.

I feel like I should quote Eminem, or something, for inspiration here. Maybe that's just because I bought a new stereo for my office and he's been yapping in my ear all morning.

Amazon.com Kindle Version:

A few of you are probably just catching up from my last email. I've started to think about ways to make it easier for you all to receive these updates. It seems like the Kindle device might be the best way. Or, I could simply try to be short with my comments. Nah, Kindle it is.

Other Ramblings:

The next MIMA event is a month away. That's the bad news. The good news is that it's a social event. It's a great way to introduce yourself to MIMA and bring friends along and show them how much fun it can be. I've met so many smart people by being a member of this group and I hope you can all make it out to socialize with them.

I realize that it's not always easy to walk up to someone and introduce yourself, so I've decided that I would like to help you.

If there is someone you would like to be introduced to, let me know and I'll try to play matchmaker. But not in that, "hey, can I get that person's number" kind of way. And if we've never met, feel free to introduce yourself to me. Yes, it's true, I have Facebook friends that I've never actually met in real life. Tell me you don't. Whatever I can do to break the ice and get you into MIMA, just let me know.

Register for the Social:


P.S. I noticed a trend lately with people asking me, and others, what their Twitter handle is. At first I thought it was odd, but then I guess it makes sense in our world. My, my, how the world changes before our eyes. I still tell my parents that I'm a Web designer. That's something they can handle. I'm not sure they're ready to know what my Twitter feed is.

And since you're wondering, I do have a twitter feed, but I never have anything interesting to say (@kraabel). Most of my Twittering happens from @mima08.


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